Plan a Healthy Weekend Getaway

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Katie Horrell, MS, RDN, CPT

1. Set realistic expectations.

Remember those SMART goals? Yup! Us Noomers love our SMART goals, and we find them equally essential when planning a weekend getaway! Emphasis on the “R” – which represents your goal being a “realistic” one. Let’s be honest, vacations are a lot of fun, but one thing is clear: expecting perfection with our eating and exercise habits during them is setting us up for disappointment and frustration. While you might not fit in your usual four workouts per week, or one glass of wine while out to dinner, set a goal that you feel confident in accomplishing! You’ll be even more motivated to get back to your norm when you get home!

2. Pack snacks that don’t spoil or ‘smoosh’ easily

No one likes feel ravenous on a plane ride, or road trip. Plan ahead some easy, non-smooshable snacks for your traveling endeavours! Oranges, apples, freeze-dried fruits, carrots, and other raw veggie are good options. Don’t forget fruit-and-nut based bars, string cheese, almonds, and walnuts too. Have an option you’d like to bring that’s at risk for getting broken up in your bag? Carry all your snacks at the very top of your bag to keep them intact!

3. Plan for vacation-oriented activity

Your vacation is for your enjoyment! There is the option for hitting the hotel gym in some areas, but why not enjoy the culture and fit in activity at the same time? Find a trail, a park, or activity you can do on your feet.  A simple search for “activities near me” can do the trick. If you find that you’re just not getting any activity in your day, another option is to bring small circle resistance bands, long resistance bands, and slider discs for light-weight workout equipment you can use in your hotel room. The options are endless!

4. Find a logging alternative

Remember when we said be realistic? We can’t forget about setting realistic expectations for logging! Think of how often it will be realistic for you to log. Will it be 3 out of 5 days, maybe fewer?  What about if you’re out of WiFi range, or your family has made a pact to stay off their phones all evening during your trip? One great alternative for logging during busy parts of your trip is taking a photo of your food! It takes seconds, helps you reflect on your food choices, and doesn’t require WiFi access! Yes, there are drawbacks, like not knowing your exact calories within your specific meal… but, remember, this is only temporary until you get back!

The key to a successful getaway in a nutshell: be prepared, be realistic, and be creative with how to fit in your healthy habits while also having fun!