Noom’s First German Coach Offsite: Rise & Soar

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Marie-Luise Huber

A few fun facts

10,180 miles traveled.
10 coaches.
3 nights. 
1 huge Airbnb (with a pool!).

Together we:

Took over 700 pictures.
Attended 7 workshops.
Conquered 3 escape rooms.
Worked out for 1620 minutes.
Enjoyed lots of delicious food and drinks.
Created 1 German team vision board.

And most importantly…

Created priceless memories that will last forever — all in beautiful Clearwater, Florida.

But let’s start from the beginning… 

Noom’s first German coaching team offsite

The majority of the remote German-speaking coaches live in Florida or Colorado and travel back “home” to see our families in Europe without taking days-off. We’ve never managed to get all German Coaches in one place together and the desire to meet the others grew bigger and bigger. Though Colorado in the Fall is pretty, it’s also… cold. So the team decided to meet in Florida and rent a big Airbnb close to the beach, which it proved to be the right decision since we had the first big snowstorm in Colorado two days before I left. 

Here’s what went down


Thursday was the day we’d all been waiting for! We’ve been counting the weeks and days for Thursday, October 31st, to come — and it wasn’t because of Halloween. We were excited to finally meet the people we only knew from behind a screen in real life. Some arrived a little earlier, some came later, but we were all equally excited to meet with our coworkers, in Clearwater, FL. Regardless of how often we’d interacted before, the welcoming hugs were long and full of love for every one of us. I could not help myself — it felt like a sleepover party with all my cousins! Luckily all of my “cousins” love good food too… so we ordered pizza! What else would you expect Health Coaches to eat?! While we enjoyed the company, we realized that we had to sleep as well. We knew the weekend ahead would be full of learning, laughs, and lots of fun!


The day started with a beautiful, open-air yoga class led by our fearless leader and yoga teacher, Victoria, bringing new meaning to the phrase “rise and shine”. After the final Savasana, we felt uplifted mentally and physically.

After a healthy and filling breakfast, we got down to business. We learned about the history of Noom and Noom Germany and the different personality types in our team. We also had a number of sessions where we learned how to support and coach our Noomers even better. Two of the workshops that stood out were the power of positivity and the importance of reflective listening. We got to enjoy lunch poolside — Florida wanted to spoil us with its perks and breezy climate

The afternoon continued with workshops on goal setting, behavior chain, and time management. To finish these exciting activities, we got together and created our German team vision board, meant to represent our hopes and dreams for us as individuals, a group, and a company. We left feeling inspired!

As you can imagine, it was a busy day, but it wasn’t over yet! 

We then went for dinner and cocktails at a fancy seafood/vegan restaurant, enjoying the lovely Clearwater evening. Afterwards, each team member received a special Noom Award, reflecting the awesomeness of each individual team member.  


The night before was short, but we woke up with big smiles — grateful for the evening behind us and excited for the fun day that awaited us. Kayaking or stand-up paddling were on the agenda to start and for most of us, it was a first! We played Robinson Crusoe and stepped foot on a tiny island, and some of us even saw a dolphin. What an incredible adventure!

After lunch, we split up into small groups to get to know each other better. Some jumped into the water, some went for a run, and others just enjoyed the beach and bonding time together. 

Next up, we headed to an escape room, where we “boarded an airplane” and found a “bomb”! Our task was to deactivate it within 60 minutes. As luck would have it, we escaped alive, even though we only managed three out of the five challenges. But thanks to the Friday workshops, we practiced the power of positivity and created yet another funny memory.

Believe it or not, dinner on Saturday was hard work! We were divided into two teams and competed against each other to create the most delicious meal – consisting of several courses and vegan and non-vegan options. Two team members judged and evaluated the dishes we created, and were enjoyed by the opposing team members.… the results were DELICIOUS! Apparently we aren’t just fantastic health coaches, but we’re also excellent chefs. 


Sunday was probably the hardest day of all because we would be parting ways. After breakfast, we did some Karma Yoga and donated the remaining food to people in need. Saying good-bye is never easy, right? So we might as well do it with a warm, fuzzy feeling of helping others. The Floridians headed their way, and the rest of the team enjoyed the last hours in Clearwater before boarding the plane to colder climates in Colorado, Michigan, and New York City.

To sum it up…

Most of us never dreamed of being super cool, German-speaking Noom Health Coach. But here we are, rockin’ it!

All jokes aside, thank you to everybody who made this possible trip possible, and to everyone at Noom who works tirelessly every day to create a company culture that truly feels like home. It’s great to be a part of the Noomily — a team who shares the same passion for changing the world.

Rise and soar!