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Noom + Stress: Behind the Numbers

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Last updated Apr 17, 2023

Siobhan Mitchell, Ph.D., Senior Director of Academic Research at Noom

At Noom, we take a holistic approach, knowing that all areas of our health are dependent on our daily habits and our psychological well-being. 

In looking at the market, we found that there was a gap in mental wellness tools that provide accessible, structured education and coaching to address daily stress. Consumer research showed that people want guidance to improve their understanding of stress and anxiety, while lessening their experience of these feelings from day to day, in order to create more engagement and satisfaction with life.  

Today, we are launching Noom Mood, a new program that applies similar behavior change concepts from Noom Weight to stress management.

As we developed the new program, we conducted a survey of over 3,000 Noom Weight users to help us better understand the impact participation in the program was having on their mental wellness. More than 60% said that Noom helped them become more self-aware, feel more motivated, and feel more self-acceptance. Read on for more highlights.

Noom Helps Users Better Understand and Manage Their Emotions and Health

  • 66% of Noomers said that Noom helped them become a lot more self-aware 
  • 69% of Noomers said that Noom helped with their awareness of stress/anxiety during the program
  • 67% of users said Noom helped them feel a lot more in control of their health 
  • 47% of Noomers said Noom helped them understand their emotions a lot better 

Noom Decreases Feelings of Stress and Anxiety

  • Noom helped users reduce the impact of stress on their life by nearly 20%
  • 71% of Noomers said Noom helped them manage their stress better
  • 65% of Noomers said Noom helped them regulate their emotions better 
  • 58% of Noomers said Noom helped them feel less anxious

Noomers Report Healthier, Happier Daily Lives

  • 75% of Noomers said Noom helped them feel more emotionally balanced 
  • 72% of Noomers said Noom helped them improve their mental wellness 
  • 73% of Noomers said Noom helped them improve coping throughout the week

Survey Methodology

We surveyed active Noom Weight users by email between July and August 2021. 3,485 Noomers responded to the survey. Survey participants were from the U.S. and ranged in age between 18-90 years old.