Mom Fitness: Staying active as a Mom

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Let’s face it, parents, life is busy. Sometimes it is difficult to take that precious time out of your day to work out, or do any physical activity whatsoever! Depending on what a normal week looks like for you, there could be a multitude of things that could make working out unrealistic or unmanageable. If you’ve ever felt that it’s nearly impossible to give yourself that time, it may be time to put on those “rose-colored shades” because it CAN be possible with a little resourcefulness! After all, as a parent, being resourceful is the name of the game! Often times we end up using our creativity to find last-minute snacks for our kids while traveling, make toys out of straws while in the waiting room, or some other kind of parent-magic. Your resourcefulness can do more than just kid stuff, it can help you get a sweat going or create time for activity during a busy day of child caring …and THAT, my friend, is magical (or at least we think so!)! So let’s take that bold action!

Let’s get into the dirt. What does this look like for you and how will this back-pocket tool work into your busy day? Here are a few ways to get a workout in during your crazy-parent day without having to sacrifice anything else in between:

1. Make the most of downtime and transitions

In between activities can be a great time to get some extra steps! Here are a few examples: take the long way to the mailbox and do some lunges on the way there, or while playing with the toddler outside run across the lawn and encourage her to follow. Try doing some squats while pushing your babe in the swing or waiting by the coffee pot. These ideas can be implemented anywhere at anytime! There is no shame in active games and your kiddo may even think it is fun to join in!

2. Use your goods, your home goods that is…

A can of soup or a roll of cookie dough can become an AWESOME hand-weight if you put your mind to it. Fluids can be dense and carry a lot of weight. Milk jug swings anyone? But don’t forget to screw the lid tight!

3. Go for a walk

Taking your kids for a walk is an EXCELLENT excuse for a power walk, jog, or run sesh! Your child will love the fresh air and new scenery from the stroller and it can be a great moment to give your arms and mind a rest! Buckle the babe up, grab a snack-cup and a juice box/bottle/age-appropriate beverage and bundle up! No matter what type of stroller you have, jogging stroller or a regular one, a leisurely walk will make you and baby feel like a million dollars.  So enjoy!

4. Take advantage of nap time 

If you aren’t a napper (so many people aren’t and that is okay!) than why not use that time to take care of your body and mind? Pop on a workout video, workout in the garage (but make sure the monitor is there too!), or strap on some sneakers for a quick power-hour when doing chores! By keeping a brisk pace, you can get some good cardio-fitness in while also putting away laundry or picking up toys. This time can be your time. Does this sound resourceful or what?

No matter what, the time you find to get some activity should be enjoyable and fun and sometimes you just need to get started. Mental and physical health go hand-in-hand and the benefits of taking care of yourself will not only fill your tank, but give you more energy to share with your little loves. Create the space in time to be you and be where you want to be. Don’t be afraid of the open spaces. Let’s get movin’!

Author: Laurel Wollaston