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Super Grains: Millet 101

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Last updated Apr 14, 2023

Author: Stacey Arsenault

Looking for a new whole grain to try?  Millet might be the grain for you! Many people tend to think of millet as bird food, but it’s not just for the birds! It has a unique texture and taste!  Millet is very popular in India, Africa, and Asia. You may have eaten millet without knowing if you have eaten a popular Indian flatbread called roti. Millet is full of fiber, magnesium, antioxidants, and is a gluten-free grain.  Since millet is a good source of magnesium you can include it on your list of heart-healthy choices.  

Millet can be cooked to be fluffy similar to rice or creamy like a porridge. If you have time for an extra step, toasting the millet before boiling will accentuate it’s nutty like flavor. 

How to cook millet:

  1. Toast 1 cup of millet on medium heat for 4-5 minutes until it becomes slightly brown and you start smelling the whole grains. (Short on time, then skip this step)
  2. Cook 1 cup of millet in two cups of water or 3 cups for a more porridge texture.  Bring the millet to a boil.  
  3. Once it’s boiling reduce to a simmer and add a cover and cook for about 15 minutes until most of the liquid has been absorbed.  No need to stir unless you want it to be the porridge consistency in which case stir every few minutes. 
  4. Remove from heat and let sit covered for 10 minutes. 
  5. Fluff with a fork if you’re going for the rice-like texture. 

Millet breakfast recipes

Millet entrees

One of the keys to success on your wellness journey is adding variety to your routine with new ingredients and recipes. Play with adding different grains within your entree to get the texture and taste you enjoy.  For example, try half millet & half brown rice or half millet & half quinoa for a mixed grain dish. Experiment with how you enjoy millet best and have fun trying a new whole grain or recipe!