Meet Noom Health Coaches: 9 Tips to Stay Accountable

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Christine Mangum, M.S.

Accountability is a huge piece to reaching any type of goal. You have to do the work to achieve what you desire, no one can do it for you! There are several tools to help with accountability like logging food and chatting with your coach. However, the reason you reach your goal is because you decided to put in the work. Not your coach, not your food log, not your best friend – you. But sometimes we are tired, demotivated, on vacation, or the busy-ness of life creates all kinds of reasons to push goals aside. So how do you hold yourself accountable?

We asked some of our lovely coaches how they hold themselves accountable to their goals and this is what they said:

1. Be honest: Be honest with yourself about what you really want when you are deciding what to eat or how to spend your time. Be honest in each decision. Ask yourself, is this in alignment with what I really want? So do I go to kickboxing or do I lay on the floor with my dog for an hour? Well, class is at a certain time for 45 min… I can lay on the floor with my animal anytime. Pizza because it’s convenient and I’m tired? Nah, pizza will be there well after I hit my goal. – Coach Christine D.

2. Plan it out: Make a list of what you need to get done and then put it in your schedule so you are ensuring yourself time to complete items from your list. Even if it’s 10 minutes of meditation or 5 min to write your grocery list. – Coach Lisa C.

3. Ask for support: Reach out to your peeps when you need some support. If you’re struggling and just need a hug or some words of encouragement.  Or if you are wanting to acknowledge to someone you did something awesome, like meeting your water goal three days in a row or that you ran farther than you ever have over the weekend. – Coach Trish T.

4. Bundle up: Pair my goal action with another activity I want to do. If it’s feasible, I like to pair something that’s a goal, say meal prepping, with something I want to do, like watching my favorite show. I like to try to limit the activities I want to do (tv), to the time I spend on that goal (meal prep). – Coach Mariah W.

5. Write it out: Writing them down helps me so much! Seeing your goals and the things you will do to reach them, on paper can be really powerful. It stands as a reminder of why you set your goal and the things you decided you wanted to do to reach that goal. – Coach Erin M

6. Find a buddy: Partner up with someone who has the same goal. Right now my aunt and I check in with each other each day to see if we have done our workout! – Coach Hunter M.

7. Remind yourself: Calendar reminders and alarm reminders are helpful for me. I have a workout app that pings at a certain time each day. Great reminder! – Coach Liz G

8. Visualize: When I’m feeling unmotivated, I like to visualize the awesome feeling I get when I achieve my goal! – Coach Brittany W

9. Keep a list: I keep a checklist in my planner. Also, group accountability, when you share your goal with others it’s more likely you’ll stick with it! – Coach Micki R.

We challenge you to think about what helps you to hold yourself accountable for your goals OR to try a new approach to see how it fits you! Remember this is a journey of discovery and transformation, in which YOU ultimately determine your success. Find a way to keep progressing by being accountable to yourself and you will achieve your goals!

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