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Looking for a nutritionist near you? Check your pocket!

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Finding the right resources to get you started in your weight loss journey can be very confusing. There are just too many programs, products, and plans too count! Especially with virtual nutrition consulting on the rise. How are you supposed to find one that fits into your life without trying to fit your life into one? Just thinking about trying to find the time and energy to meet with consultants or complete the work yourself just seems exhausting in itself, right?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to work with a nutrition and exercise consultant from the comfort of your own home? Be able to read a research-based curriculum on your couch? Log your foods at each meal? Talk to your coach between dropping the kids off at practice and running to the grocery store? Have 24/7 group support, even on the weekends? Continue to eat the foods you truly enjoy?

Getting Nutrition Advice the Easy Way

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not! The Noom weight loss app allows you to progress through your wellness journey from anywhere and everywhere. You are able to experience 24 hour access to our witty content and food database to help you plan ahead and stay focused. In most other online nutrition coaching platforms, you are still having to pencil in time in your busy schedule to meet and discuss your goals. Having this program at your fingertips gives you more flexibility to continue living your life while staying on track.

Along with the flexibility comes your team. Not only do you get one goal specialist, who works with you to create individual goals each week, but you also receive a group coach to facilitate group interaction with other app users. Instead of working with one consultant with one background, our team has multiple! The coaching team ranges from Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, to exercise physiologists, to clinical psychologists, plus much more. The constant contact with one another between coaches gives each individual a well rounded experience. Client success is very near and dear to each coach’s heart, that we utilize each other’s strengths to give everyone the support they need. Where else can you find a program that provides you with experts in food, movement and the mind?

Finding Nutritionist Coaching that Meets Your Needs

Many online nutritionists design their programs by scheduling appointments with each client; the same way it would be done in an office setting. With the hustle and bustle between work, family, social events and our health, arranging our schedules around just one more person can be a real turn off. Not to mention, that one meeting, the facilitator is analyzing a whole week’s worth of food and exercise logs, as well as scale readings in one sitting. While you don’t speak to a coach every single day here, your coach is still able to follow along with your entries each day. The live feed of your data entry allows your coach to see all of your choices and identify patterns as the days go on. Making your next check-in go efficiently and effectively.

Being able to document food choices based on a color system can also give you confidence to plan ahead and stay on track. Instead of just writing down what and how much you are eating for someone else to evaluate, you are able to start finding your own patterns and make adjustments as needed. The color system breaks down the food into categories based on calorie density (how many calories are in a serving). Logging foods ahead of time gives you the option to make changes as you go, versus guessing on choices before your next session with the program coordinator. You basically have a built-in nutritionist in the app!

Peer-Based Nutrition Support, 24/7

Not only is your coach able to follow along in your journey, but you also have the chance to interact with a group participating in the same adventure as you. The group is where you can really lean on others for support, 24/7. The group coach’s role was created to help facilitate daily conversations, activities and challenges to keep you engaged in the program. Going through a weight loss program alone increases your chances of fizzling out. Members of the group are there to support you, pick you up when times get tough, celebrate your successes and hold you accountable day to day. Your own group of cheerleaders! A very unique, fun atmosphere that many other online programs lack. Plus, your group, coaches, food and exercise logs are all in one place, right inside your app.

Looking for a Nutritionist? Try Noom First

Having Noom literally in the palm of your hand makes it a little harder to think of an excuse not to begin, right? Your health and body is not something to take for granted; you don’t get a do-over. Think of all the time and money we put into fixing things like our cars, homes and electronic devices. If one of them has a broken piece or you need a whole new one, it’s easy to go out and just buy a new one. But our health is not something we can replace with a whole new body. What better time to start making your health a priority then now? And what better way to do then by literally having a coaching team in your back pocket?