Introducing: Maintenance Mode

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Last updated Mar 10, 2023

You asked, we listened. We’re debuting a new kind of Noom to fit into the next phase of your health journey.

Our primary goal at Noom is to put our users in the driver’s seat of their health and to provide support no matter where they are on that journey. In fact, that’s where the name “Noom” comes from to begin with: the inverse of the moon, an ever-present guide no matter where you are or what you are doing. 

For many years now, we’ve been helping people achieve both weight loss and other health outcomes through behavior change. Because our culture is one of listening to our Noomers and evolving our product to meet their needs, we’ve learned that many Noomers wanted the option to stay with our programs even after hitting their initial goal weight or health outcome.

We’re so proud of what this tells us about not just the efficacy but the ease of our program, and we’re excited to announce that we’re delivering on what our users have asked for: Introducing Maintenance Mode! 

Maintenance Mode is a version of the Noom you already know and love, geared towards those who are Noom experts but can still benefit from the structure, content, and accountability that an enduring relationship with Noom can provide. 

With Maintenance Mode, you’ll find:

  • Maintenance Curriculum: Up to four months of lessons and strategies geared toward weight maintenance
  • Maintenance Graph: A new kind of weight graph to track your maintenance progress 
  • Maintenance Calorie Zone: An adapted calorie zone that you can rely on as you shift your focus from weight loss to maintenance
  • Maintenance Mode Community: An exclusive community of Noomers just like you looking to maintain their current weight and get support along the way

Currently Maintenance Mode is available to all English iOS Noomers and we are working on launching the program to other Noom programs and locales in the coming year.
Think Maintenance Mode is for you? Find out more about how to sign up here.