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Press Release: Noom Releases Inaugural ‘State of Healthy Behaviors’ Report

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Last updated Mar 29, 2023

Noom Releases Inaugural ‘State of Healthy Behaviors’ Report Revealing a Drastic Well-Being Gap Between Individuals’ Health Goals and Their Behaviors

Findings reveal that 97% of Americans are currently trying to make changes to better their own lives or plan to in the immediate future — but nearly one in five don’t know where to begin

NEW YORK December 16, 2021 Noom, a leading digital health platform focused on behavior change, today released the findings from its first-ever ‘State of Healthy Behaviors’ report, the result of a three-country consumer survey conducted to uncover how people think about improving their health – and what they do about it. The report, which features findings from the survey alongside insights from Noom’s behavior change experts, reveals a disconnect between individuals’ long-term health goals and their daily behaviors. 

Even at a time when health is top of mind for so many with the ongoing pandemic, people across various geographies, generations, and backgrounds are facing challenges when it comes to making their personal health a priority. While many tried to improve their health over the past year, including attempts to get more sleep, eat healthier, and lose weight, millions fell short. In fact, it’s been over a decade since Americans, Australians, and Brits have felt their healthiest, due to a number of factors including lack of confidence, resources, support, and motivation. And less than a quarter of survey respondents believe that it will be easy to change their habits. Underpinning all of the findings in the 2021 ‘State of Healthy Behaviors’ report is the fact that people know what they need to do to be healthier overall, but struggle with how to actually implement those changes in their daily lives. 

“While the findings of the first ‘State of Healthy Behaviors’ report show a collective struggle in the effort to improve our health, they also show a major opportunity,” said Andreas Michaelides, Ph.D., chief of psychology at Noom. “Seeking a healthier lifestyle is a first and major step toward a healthier future for people everywhere and through our years of research and building our platform, we know that achieving positive health outcomes is the result of hard work. These findings enable us to further fulfill our mission of helping people everywhere lead healthier lives by providing the tools and resources they need to get there.” 

Highlights From Noom’s 2021 ‘State of Healthy Behaviors’ Report

It’s been over a decade since Americans, Australians, and Brits have felt their healthiest.

  • 82% percent of Americans, 86% of Australians, and 88% of Brits do not feel they are currently at their peak physical and mental fitness.
  • It’s been 11 years since Americans have felt this way, 12 years for Australians, and 13 years for Brits.

While many attempted to improve their wellness over the past year, including getting more sleep, eating healthier, trying to lose weight, and being more physically active, millions fell short.

  • Collectively, over 170 million people formed bad habits during the pandemic (46% of the total U.S. population, 32% of the total AU population, and 18% of the total U.K. population) 
  • Nearly one in five Americans, Australians, and Brits don’t know where to begin to make changes in their life to be healthier.

Only 22% of Americans, 25% of Australians, and 22% of Brits agree that it’s easy to change their habits. 

  • Affordability, accountability, and time come in as the top barriers preventing them from doing so. 

People think of their doctors as resources, but many are not getting the support they need from them.

  • In fact, only 29% of Americans, 25% of Australians, and 13% of Brits, think of their doctor as a true partner on their health journeys, and just 14% of Americans, 13% of Australians, and 8% of Brits feel their doctors hold them accountable to achieving their health goals. 

Nearly all (97%) of Americans report they are currently trying to make changes to better their own lives or plan to in the immediate future.

  • Of them, over half (52%) are seeking these changes as a gift to themselves to be the healthiest versions of themselves as possible.

To download the full 2021 ‘State of Healthy Behaviors’ report, visit www.noom.com/state-of-healthy-behaviors-2021 


Noom commissioned an online survey managed by Kelton Global, a Material Company, which was fielded in Noom’s top markets (U.S., U.K., AU) in November 2021.

4,044 respondents in total. 

n=1,011 in the U.S.; n=1,009 in AU; n=2,024 in U.K.; general population, ages 18+.

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