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How to Maintain Motivation Along Your Journey with Noom

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Mary Kate Murphy

If only motivation was an easy-to-access, over-the-counter pill that we could all purchase and take every morning upon waking up. Our days would be filled with more enthusiasm, more commitment, more accomplishments and the world would be a happier and more productive place. Hmm, a tad exaggerated?

There’s a false illusion around motivation and we’re going to unveil the truth in this article and at the end, you’re going to be thanking yourself that you took the time to learn it! Scared? Don’t be! These tips on motivation will help you see through any goal you set for yourself, even the ones outside of Noom.

It’s easy to fall into the trap that someone has to motivate us to get things done or we feel like we lack motivation so we look for it outside of ourselves. However, here’s the kicker you’ve been waiting for….drum roll please…..count down, 3, 2, 1… sustainable motivation comes from YOU! If you want to feel continuous motivation around your goals, then it must be self guided and we want to set you up with practical tips to help you achieve just that! Let us preface these tips first, some are backed by research and some are backed by best practices from our users. We love to hear what’s been working for #NoomNation 

1. Set up daily reminders.

Write down your goals and put them in a place where you see them everyday! Have you ever made a goal and then forgot about it a week later, a month later, a year later? It tends to happen to the best of us! When we visually see on a daily basis what we’re setting out to accomplish, it’s like a reminder for our brains to stay the course and subconsciously we begin to get pulled into the direction of where we want to go by being reminded of it. 

2. Reframe “I have to” to “I get to“.

The brain can feel resistant to do something if it feels like it “has to” because it feels forced. However, when we change our choice of words around the tasks and we switch our focus from have to, to focusing on the benefits of our actions, then the brain will begin to enjoy as opposed to resist. Next time try saying, “I choose to,” instead of, “I have to.” See what happens! 

3. Get into a routine.

A study at the University of Colombia has shown that we are more apt to feel motivated at the beginning of our days as opposed to the end, when we’re more likely to feel less willpower around our decisions. So what can you do to prevent decision fatigue from interfering with both your motivation? Develop solid routines around your goals! You already have them written down, now what are the actions that align with your goals? Make a plan and develop a routine! Also, when you can, try your best to eliminate unnecessary distractions that are prone to throw you off track. It’s ok to say no sometimes!  

4. Make it a family (or friend) affair.

What tends to motivate you more? Feeding your mind with happy thoughts or with negative and doubtful ones? When you’re excited about your weight loss goals, it can help when your friends and family support you too! Surrounding yourself with friends and/or a community of people who are also on the same healthy bandwagon as you tends to help keep you accountable to your goals and stay motivated! Grab a buddy, and plan out your goals together and share them with friends and family. This has helped get so many Noomers motivated and on course! 

We want to hear more from you all! What helps you stay motivated with your goals? Comment below!