Everyday Wellness: 6 ways to start your day on a healthy note

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

It’s a new day filled with new opportunities! Whether you are a retired morning bird or you work the graveyard shift and don’t get out of bed until the middle of the afternoon, the first few choices you make can set the tone for the rest of your day. Stop pushing the snooze button. Set all those electronic devices aside. It’s time to get up and begin your day! Try one of these 6 ways to start your day on a healthy note!  

1. Drink water.

Water seems to be The Brady Bunch equivalent of Marsha, but there may be good reason why every time you turn around all you hear about is water, water, water! Upon waking, our bodies are often in need of fluids. Keeping a cup of water by your bed and drinking it before you do any other task in the morning is a simple and quick way to kickstart your day. It’s also a great way to get a headstart on reaching your daily water goals!

2. Practice gratitude.

In the words of Alice Morse Earle, “Every day may not be good… but there’s something good in every day.” People who take the time to show appreciation and focus on the positive aspects of their lives often experience better overall health. Tomorrow, instead of waking up to worry and stress, take the time to meditate, journal, or say affirmations. Even if you are having a hard time practicing gratitude now, over time you may find it easier to focus on the things you are grateful for.     

3. Follow a routine.  

When you think of your morning routine, do you feel calm and confident? Or, like many people, is there an element of chaos and occasionally a fire or two that you have to put out before you even brush your teeth? Scrambling to remember all we need to get done and just ‘winging it’ doesn’t often work in our favor. Create a morning routine that works for you!

Try waking up at the same time every day. Make your bed. Weigh in. Create a to-do list for the day that will help you stay focused and organized. Short on time? Consider planning your outfit and packing your lunch the night before. The unexpected may still pop up, but when you follow a routine it is easier to put out those fires with a smile and happily carry on with your day.      

4. Enjoy breakfast.

One of Noom’s Keystone Habits is to “befriend breakfast”. But let’s take it one step further- instead of just eating breakfast, imagine how great you would feel if you were to also enjoy it. Get creative with recipes, have fun with the presentation (be sure to share your Instagram pics with #Noom), and take the time to truly enjoy your first meal of the day!     

5. Move.

It’s not always about exercise, although if you want to work out in the morning we won’t stop you! Gentle stretching and practicing Pranayama (breathing) techniques is a great way to loosen up the muscles and reduce stress before your feet even hit the floor. Consider adding a few yoga poses to your morning routine. Or take your dog for a walk around the block! Starting your day with some joyful movement is a great way to get your mind and body ready for whatever lies ahead.

6. Get ready to seize the day!

Turn up your favorite song and hop in the shower. It’s time to clean up and boost your endorphins! If you are really feeling it, consider a cold water blast at the end to fully wake you up and increase your circulation.

Since a lot of our confidence comes from our physical appearance, make an effort to get ready- even if you aren’t going anywhere special. Put on an outfit that makes you feel good! Brush your hair, dab on a little of your favorite perfume or cologne, and smile! You are gorgeous! Show the world how great your morning has been.    

Author: Rachelle Beltinck