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Noom: A Career With Benefits

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Randy Chen, Data Analyst, Noom

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely you already know a bit about Noom. We’re a wellness-focused tech company with headquarters in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood and a presence around the world (including Korea, Japan, and Croatia). It stands to reason that a wellness company should be focused on the wellness of their employees, and in this respect, Noom delivers in spades. In my first 6 months as an employee at Noom, I’ve seen (and taken advantage of) these benefits and can attest to the difference it makes on life both in and outside the office.

So as not to bury the lede, here’s a brief, non-exhaustive list of the benefits that Noom offers their employees:

  • Free, healthy lunch prepared by two full-time chefs every day
  • Free, less healthy snacks (#Balance) prepared by two full-time chefs on Fridays
  • An individual health plan where Noom pays for all the premiums
  • Wellness reimbursement up to $200/month
  • Phone upgrade reimbursement up to $700/year
  • Book reimbursement for any personal/professional growth related book
  • Three (3) Noom subscriptions for you/your family/your friends to try Noom for free
  • An inspiring mission with a real desire to make the world a better place
  • All the other standard start-up benefits (e.g., competitive salary, stock options, 401k, opportunities to work remotely, great co-workers, nice office, and more)

When I first started at Noom, I’ll admit to a bit of skepticism, “Wouldn’t it be better to just receive more salary in lieu of these benefits?”  However, thinking back to my experience at other start-ups, I came to the realization that the Noom way leads to better outcomes. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “false economy,” where frugality trumps personal health, whereas investment in your people prevents the backslide to poor health outcomes and employee burnout.  

In the past, I had often abandoned a “healthy-ish” lunch from home for an order of Spicy Cumin Lamb Noodles from Xi’an Famous Foods and suffered the consequences of lethargy and regret.  In contrast, the menu below is a representative example of what you can expect from Sam and Marcelo, Noom’s two full-time chefs.

The variety, abundance, and quality of food can’t be overstated; these guys are amazing at what they do. Even better, they’re more than willing to accommodate people with allergies or special diets. Lunch is always served at noon and everyone, including the CEO, stands in line to fill their plates.  

Noom offers a generous wellness benefit that covers any number of expenses, up to $200/month. Reimbursable wellness expenses include:

  • gym memberships
  • fitness classes
  • personal trainers
  • therapy
  • massages
  • supplements
  • race/marathon entry fees
  • doctor’s visits /co-pays
  • cooking classes

Essentially, these benefits include anything health/fitness/wellness related. Another popular option around our office is to use Classpass’ $94/month membership and an All-Access Blink Membership. These memberships enable you to try any number of instructor-led fitness classes and retain a gym membership at a discounted price.

Over the past few months, I’ve been using this generous reimbursement policy to try a number of pricier martial arts and boxing gyms that would normally fall outside my budget.  Subsequently, I plan on using the same benefits for massages and co-pays when I inevitably break my body doing roundhouse kicks.

When compared to other industries, startups have a lot to offer: better equity, more relaxed atmosphere, and driven co-workers. Benefits aside, what really makes Noom special is its core mission: to help people live longer and healthier lives. Although it may sound cliche that startups exist to “make the world a better place”, Noom has helped people across the globe lose weight, reduce health risks, and live better lives. If you’re looking for a company with amazing benefits and an inspiring mission, check out our open roles at https://www.noom.com/careers/!