8 lessons Noomers learned their second time around, as told by their coaches

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

If you’re joining us (or thinking about joining us) for a second, third, or fourth time, you might be feeling mixed emotions: curious, excited, cautious, nervous, motivated, or (insert any emotion here). We get it—coming back to something you’ve tried before can simultaneously feel familiar and foreign. In order to welcome you back feeling your best, we asked Noom coaches to share what their Noomers learned their second time around (with Noomers’ permission, of course). 

Focus on enjoying the journey 

“One Noomer I coach is a grandmother with a full-time job and a very busy lifestyle. After taking a break from Noom, she mentioned that she wanted to enjoy the journey more and celebrate small victories along the way, rather than only focusing on the long-term goal her second time around. One specific thing she learned was to take the time to sit down each day and truly absorb the daily lessons. Instead of just trying to “get through them,” she took notes and journaled around what emotions the lessons brought up for her. It’s been a game-changer in refreshing her motivation and truly changing her mindset.” — Coach Mary V.

You’re worth the second chance

“Noom offers a lot of education about behavior change and better understanding yourself, and it doesn’t always register the first time around! At times, Noomers need more than one go. The great thing about joining Noom again is that you’re not starting from scratch. When they come back, Noomers have often realized how deeply ingrained some of their old habits are, and that it’s okay to keep working on them for longer than you may have imagined. A Noomer in her late 70s once told me, ‘After rejoining, I was able to give myself the patience to unlearn years of these habits. I realized I was worth the second chance.’ Giving yourself the time to unlearn and relearn (no matter how many tries it takes) is the greatest gift you can give yourself.” — Coach Lexie A.

It’s about more than the number 

“My Noomer’s first time with Noom was all about hitting a number on the scale because she was tired of what she saw in the mirror. Then, when the pandemic hit, she was diagnosed with cancer and ended her subscription to prioritize her treatment and recovery. While battling cancer, she fought with the fears of not seeing her grandchildren grow up or the dreams she created with her husband of retirement life on the beach. Now that she is back at Noom and is a cancer survivor, her whole perspective has changed. As she was given a second chance to see her family grow up and old together, she wanted to give her lifestyle and healthy choices a second chance too, so she signed back up for Noom to ‘finally have a life she is inspired by, not a number she is defined by’.” — Coach Rebecca R.

Flexibility is everything 

“One Noomer that I coached was retired during their first go-around with Noom and found it easy to make time for all of the new habits and changes she was making. However, she decided to go back to work and ended up gaining back a good amount of weight that she had lost. The second time around, she learned that not only did her routine have to change, but also her mindset around how she would reach her goals. Ultimately, things had to look a lot different now, and her routine had to align with the fact that she no longer had unlimited time and focus like she did in the past. She had to learn that patience, adaptability, and forgiveness are key, especially when working to make changes that last.” — Coach Devan W.

You’re in control 

“Upon reflecting on their end of the year, a returning Noomer remembered the power of an ‘oh well’ statement. They shared how excited they were to see how the program changed (new audio content, NoomCoins, and so much more) and thought this would be the difference they needed to achieve their goals this time. However, after joining, while they loved the new experience, they realized that the greatest difference was not the program; instead, it was their mindset and readiness to change. They also realized how all aspects of the program work together—learning from the curriculum, features of the app, and the 1:1 coaching—and made the most of each. Before, this Noomer specifically wanted a prescriptive approach and desired their coach to tell them exactly what to do to achieve their goals. The second time, they realize that they are in control and can achieve their goals by making sustainable choices around movement, food, and more that suit their needs best in real-time in collaboration with their coach.” — Coach Tashina W.

Keeping your targets in sight will guide you 

“A Noomer that I’m working with (and had previously been with Noom) felt she wanted to focus on the long-term habits during her second sign-up instead of quick fixes. During her initial time with Noom she was focused on losing weight and hitting her goal, not truly embracing the type of eater, mover, and thinker she desired to be in the future. This time, she decided to set realistic and action-oriented goals as her focus each week, and she’s not afraid to lean into the support she is building within her environment to propel her toward those goals. In this process, her focus is truly on her Big Picture, more than just the current number on the scale. She even created a vision board next to her bathroom mirror to keep her target in sight!” — Coach Andrea D.

Understanding yourself is key to long-term success

“A Noomer I coach had lost a significant amount of weight her first time. Immediately after she reached her goal weight, she left Noom, but she soon realized that she did not have a solid understanding of all of the triggers behind some of her old behaviors—self-awareness takes time and practice. In turn, she slipped back into old habits like using sweets for a sense of comfort and she stopped tracking her food. She came back to Noom with a mindset shift towards being able to have a good grasp on her triggers as a part of a maintenance plan and has since found huge success in identifying the ‘why’ behind her actions. She put a tremendous amount of time and effort into ensuring that she is confident in her maintenance plan before spreading her wing again and knows that this journey can be lifelong with the right mindset.” — Coach Hayley W.

You’re capable, regardless of your environment “Before the pandemic, a Noomer I coached had a great experience with Noom—they built so many new habits and revamped their lifestyle. They lost weight, felt happier, and ate healthier than ever before. Feeling confident, they left Noom to continue their wellness journey on their own. Once COVID hit, many things changed in their life, so they joined Noom a second time to see how they could adjust their habits and be successful again in a new environment (a new “normal”). They discovered they had it in them to make the change and are finding joy in applying what they’ve learned to lose weight again no matter what is going on around them. As their Noom coach, it’s empowering to see them build their confidence up again and succeed!” — Coach Katherine M.