7 Active “Date Night” Ideas

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Whoever said that relationships are hard work, must have been a certified genius, or a gifted psychic. There is a common flow to a relationship that every couple goes through that eventually ends up at the corner of Boredom and Same Old Stuff.  If you haven’t gotten to that point, just wait, keep waiting, and, ahhh you made it! If you’re still clueless, we’ll be more than happy to lay it out.

You finally meet the one, the person who gets all of your corny jokes, who doesn’t mind hearing the same story for the twentieth time. The person who actually enjoys spending time with you, even though you’re a bit on the weird side. Things start off great, you go to movies, out to eat, maybe the occasional bar and awkward family events. Then, little by little, date by date, year, by year you run out of things to do. No matter if you’ve been married for twenty years, or you just started dating, it happens to everyone. The creativity dries up, you get into a rut, and before you know it things get boring.  

Some people stay in this bored rut because they are clueless as to how to change it. Others stay because they like the comfort of routine and have no desire to change. Then there are people like us Noomies who love change and are always looking for the next best thing to keep life interesting. We believe that relationships were meant to help us have twice the fun!

For those of you ready to take the leap and get things moving before boredom sucks the life out of your relationship, here are seven ideas that can help you put the fun back where it belongs.

1. Nature walk

For those who are looking to do something intimate and active but not over the top, a nice stroll could be just the answer. Taking a stroll through the park or at the beach, or just around town offers a great way to see the sights and get in some extra steps.  This is also a great opportunity to talk and reconnect without any pressure.

2. Salsa dancing

Now if the thought of great Latin beats, hot moves, and your bodies so close they could spark a fire sounds good, then this is great choice. Not only will salsa dancing get your heart pumping, and get parts moving that maybe haven’t moved in a long time, it’s a fantastic way to connect through your sense of touch. So get on some dancing shoes and hit the floor.

3. 5K Race

A fabulous way to get the doors of communication open is by partnering up for a 5k race. This is a wonderful opportunity to support each other, build relationship skills and get healthy together.

4. Rock climbing

For the couples who are looking for something a little more adventurous, indoor and outdoor rock climbing may be a great activity. It requires communication, encouragement, and can be tailored to your fitness level. So, no matter if you are at the very beginner level or an expert, this activity is sure to take you to new heights.

5. Laser tag

For the couple still young at heart laser tag is sure to be a blast. You’ve got running, jumping, game planning and competition all rolled in one. This is a great activity to get a group of people together and take the pressure off (in case you’re a bad shot).

6. Geocaching

If the activities so far haven’t peaked your interest, then maybe a little treasure hunting will do the trick. Geocaching is basically treasure hunting with a GPS, but don’t forget to bring something to replace the treasure you find! This activity is sure to help you get those steps in, and after all, nothing gets people moving like the thought of finding the next long lost treasure.

7. Partner yoga

There are tons of different yoga classes made for 2 — partner yoga, acroyoga, and even naked yoga (don’t worry, the instructors keep their clothes on!). These classes are a great way for friends and partners alike to bond, connect, and have some fun!

Finding new activities not only keeps your relationship interesting, but it also helps you find new and exciting ways to stay healthy. Doing activities together allows for you and your partner to support each other in different ways which can deepen your connection and creates memories for a lifetime.

Author: Natasha Miles