5 Practical Ways to Stay Active During Your Holiday Vacation

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Mary Kate Murphy

‘Tis the season of holiday parties, travel, and all things merry and nice, and now your exercise routine is on the backburner. But just because your routine changes during the holiday season, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got to throw in the towel on staying active. While your routine might look a little different, there are plenty of ways to get creative and make a little sweat session a part of your holiday festivities. 

We’ve put together 5 ideas to stay active from the comfort of your home, Aunt Becky’s house, or the Airbnb or hotel you’re staying at, to keep you feeling your best and continuing to make progress towards your goals.

So, set aside 15-30 minutes, put on some comfy clothes, and enjoy breaking a sweat this holiday season. 

  1. Plug in. Fitness Blender and PopSugar at-home exercise videos range anywhere from 10-45 minutes, and include a wide range of exercise types! From yoga and pilates to strength training and HIIT, there’s something to fit every fitness level, interest, and time commitment. 
  2. Enjoy the outdoors: … and make it a family affair! Go to the park and play either a game of tag or a leisure walk. Or better yet, enjoy winter activities such as sledding, snow shoeing, skiing, or a friendly game of snowball. The season is typically filled with family- or friend-oriented activities and races (like jingle bell runs!) that can be something the whole gang enjoys together. 
  3. Have some fun: Weather doesn’t permit? Head to a nearby rock-climbing gym or indoor skating rink with your loved ones. Don’t want to leave the house? Nothing beats a dance party (or battle) to everyone’s favorite songs!
  4. Plan for success: If you find yourself traveling, then do a little research ahead of time and see if there are local gyms where you’re going that have daily, weekly, or holiday passes. Or if you have some light weights or resistance bands you can travel with, do it! Noom has tons of great workouts to choose from.
  5. When in doubt, do a push up: … or squat, or lunge, or jumping jacks. If you’re craving a more traditional sweat sesh, take advantage of pockets of 3-5 minutes to do as many reps or sets of one activity as you can! Find 3-4 pockets of time throughout the day, and you’ve made it to 10-20 minutes in no time!

There you have it — 5 simple ways to stay active this holiday season for you and your whole family! Now let those endorphins flow and help you feel more energized as you take on your holiday festivities and enjoy yourself even more!