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5 Mediterranean Breakfasts for a Healthy Start to Your Day

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

It’s a cliche, yes… but it’s also 100% true: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

The food you begin your day with sets an emotional tone and affects your metabolism for hours to come. That’s why choosing a nutrient-dense meal with heart-healthy fats and fiber is crucial. It’ll help you feel fantastic, stay full, and avoid needless snacking.

But what about breakfasts on the Mediterranean diet? If you’re considering this diet plan, you already know you’ll be keeping red meat and sweets to a minimum while focusing on whole grains and produce. Does that mean you’re doomed to boring breakfasts? Not a bit! The Mediterannean diet offers a plethora of delicious, inspiring, and totally customizable breakfast options. Even if you’re sticking with a totally plant-based diet, Mediterraean breakfasts are easy.

We’ve rounded up 5 top recipes to help you make your favorite morning meal scrumptious and healthy, Mediterranean-style. We’ll get to that shortly – but first, let’s learn a little bit more about the Mediterranean diet and the benefits powering it.

Why try the Mediterranean diet?

On the Mediterranean diet (sometimes known as the anti-inflammatory diet), adherents generally eat whole grains, legumes, and fresh fruits and vegetables, prepared with satisfying, healthy fats. They also take a more moderate approach to eating meat, and encourage meal sharing and physical activity throughout the day, along with an occasional glass of red wine. The richer meals mean smaller portion sizes that can still keep you satisfied.

The eating habits of a Mediterranean diet have been linked to a lower risk of multiple chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. Following the diet can regulate your cholesterol levels, lower your body fat, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Once you get used to smaller portion sizes, you can carry the practice with you no matter what diet you follow. Small portions can make up for the delay in communication between your stomach and your brain. It can take 5-20 minutes for your brain to shut off the hunger signal, and during that time you might wind up eating more than you needed.

Dieting vs. Noom

You might think you need to follow the Mediterranean diet to get these benefits. You don’t! If you simply eat a more balanced diet by cutting your intake of refined sugar and grains, limit your meat intake, and add plenty of fruits and vegetables, your diet can be as diverse as you want it to be.

In fact, what many fad diets fail to account for is the joy that comes with sharing food. If you sacrifice your favorite things to meet your fitness goals, then dealing with the inevitable plateau will be all the more difficult.

That’s why, at Noom, we don’t believe in dieting. When you work with us, you’re on an entirely personalized weight loss journey that’s designed to bring you joy. We take a psychology-based approach that focuses on your overall mental and physical health, not just the number on the scale. With the help of a supportive community and your own personal health coach, you develop a meal plan that incorporates your favorite foods, as well as workout routines that motivate you to keep coming back. 

If you’re still interested in giving the Mediterranean diet a go, these delicious breakfast recipes are easy to make and feature simple ingredients that you probably already have, and can be a part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Let’s dig in!

Is your mouth watering yet? Good. Here are each of those three recipes in more detail:

  • Sun-dried tomatoes, greek yogurt, and fresh herbs make this oatmeal a savory delight. 
  • Try this oatmeal for the sweetness of fresh figs and the protein-rich boost of tahini.
  • These overnight oats feature peanut butter and banana for a classic flavor combination.

2. Mediterranean Breakfast Omelet

Scrambled eggs are a simple, protein-packed breakfast that can be ready in just a few minutes – but they can get old after a while. Fortunately, an omelet can be customized hundreds of ways, and allow you to incorporate fresh veggies and cheese for a versatile, filling breakfast. But even if you prefer to keep things vegan, we’ve included a healthy, plant-based option on this list to round things out:

3. Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Parfait

While greek yogurt might not be as sweet as the yogurt you’re used to, it generally has twice the protein and half the carbs, keeping you satisfied longer without spiking your blood sugar. You can load it up with healthy toppings that add flavor and flair. Walnuts, fresh fruit, and even oatmeal can elevate this simple staple to something much more complex. Here are a few recipes to get you inspired:

4. Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Wraps 

A self-contained breakfast that doesn’t require utensils is incredibly satisfying – whether you’re carrying it to work or dining in style on your couch. Just choose a whole grain option and you can fill it with any number of Mediterranean friendly options. Get started with these ideas: 

5. Mediterranean Diet Smoothies 

If you prefer a liquid breakfast, smoothies are an inspired and hydrating way to sneak more whole fruits, vegetables, and nuts into your morning. In the winter, it can be hard to find fresh fruit in season – but frozen fruit is good at any time of the year, and smoothies are a fast and efficient way to fuel your day. Try one of these Mediterranean-friendly recipes: 

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