17 Tips to Enjoy a Healthy Holiday

by | May 24, 2017 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Whether you’re planning on lounging at a beach house for the weekend, getting ‘wild’ at a campsite, or grilling out on in your backyard, Memorial Day doesn’t have to throw your health goals off track.

We’ve put together 17 tips to help you enjoy a healthy holiday.

1. Workout in the morning.

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier to get a quick workout in before beginning the day. When you’re out and about celebrating, the last thing you’ll want to do is cut your festivities short to exercise. Working out in the morning is a shoo-in way to make sure you get ‘er done!

2. Arrive prepared. 

How many times have you found yourself picking at a bag of chips you didn’t even want because nothing else was around? Always keep healthy snacks with you to munch on when the hunger strikes. Nuts, seeds, fruit, veggies and hummus are our go-to to-go snacks.

3. Take a break. 

Whether you’re on the beach or in the backyard, take a break from the noise and invite a few friends to join you on a walk along the water or a neighborhood stroll to soak up your surroundings and get some extra steps in.

4. Fill up on protein and veggies.

If you want to have your cake and eat it too, center your other meals around healthy sources of lean protein and vegetables. This will help you feel energized throughout your holiday and leave room in your plan for occasional treats without throwing your goals under the bus.

5. Put it on a plate.

Make it a point to put any food you’re going to eat on a plate. You’re much more likely to remember the french fries you ate sitting down with a plate than the ones you munched on while chatting and picking at that glorious spread.

6. Limit your alcohol.

Alcohol is one sneaky source of calories. While it’s totally fine to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a margarita by the pool (moderation, right?), try to limit your alcohol to 2 drinks a day.

7. Shake the sugar.

If you are drinking alcohol, choose simple, low-sugar drinks that pack a lower calorie punch (but not a sugary fruit punch!) — like that glass of wine instead of that margarita!

8. Soak up the sun.

Boost your body’s vitamin D production to stay healthy and happy by soaking up the sun. Just make sure to protect yourself with sunscreen, a hat, or umbrella!

9. Embrace nature.

Make the most of wherever you are — kayak if you’re on the lake, take a dip in the ocean if you’re at the beach, or go for a hike if you’re in the mountains. Use what’s available to you to stay active.

10. Get competitive 

Organize a game of soccer, football, or volleyball with your family and friends. A friendly competition is a great way to have fun and get moving!

11. Stress less.

Stress can cause you to make poor food choices, overeat, and simply feel lousy. Have a happy, healthy holiday by taking a step back and relaxing.

12. Raise your glass.

Whether you’re drinking alcohol or not, hydration is key. Keep a reusable bottle or glass of water with you to sip on water throughout your day and night to stay energized and help you distinguish hunger and thirst cues.

13. Go 1 for 1 

If you are drinking alcohol, make it a point to alternate each drink with a glass of water to help keep you hydrated and feeling good.

14. Keep tracking.

One of the best ways to stay on track is to track. Studies show that simply logging your food can help you make smarter, healthier decisions.

15. Enjoy.

Don’t snack on just any fried eat or grilled treat at the party. Instead choose 1-2 “non-negotiables” — a BBQ fave or a fireside treat you look forward to each year. Then make it a point to savor these treats and truly enjoy the food you eat.

16. Create memories.

Holidays are often centered around food and drinks. Make it a point to focus on enjoying the people you’re with and creating memories, with a side of food.

17. Let it go.

Follow these tips and still have a few too many sliders or go overboard on cherry pie? Let. It. Go. The worst thing you can do is stress about it after the fact. Instead, focus on what you can do to make healthier choices going forward.

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