12 tasty and creative zucchini recipes for summer

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Last updated Jun 3, 2022

One of the best things about summer is all the fresh produce that’s in season. There’s no time like now to hit up the farmer’s market and stock up on fruit, veggies, and herbs. And if you’re one of those folks with a green thumb and a vegetable garden, even better! 

Zucchini, which is in peak season from June to late August, is so versatile and can be prepared a number of different ways. Whether sliced and grilled or air fried, spiralized into zoodles, or grated and baked into a sweet treat, zucchini never fails this time of year. 

And if you grow your own zucchini, then you probably know what it’s like to have more on your hands than you know what to do with! Well, problem solved. We’ve rounded up 12 delicious and creative zucchini recipes to make this summer. Mix up your go-to veggie recipes and get creative in the kitchen. 

  1. It’s no secret that we love the air fryer here at Noom. Zucchini tastes amazing in the air fryer because it crisps up nicely and tastes like it’s been deep fried. This recipe for Air Fryer Parmesan Zucchini Chips from The Recipe Critic is reminiscent of a fried restaurant appetizer. Swap the Italian seasonings for ranch or taco seasonings if you like, and enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce.  
  1. Another way to make zucchini taste just like a deep fried app from your favorite pub is to slice it into fry shapes and make these Air Fryer Zucchini Fries from Kristine’s Kitchen. Perfect as a snack on its own or paired with your favorite entrée. 
  1. Zucchini noodles, aka zoodles, have been a staple in healthy recipes for years, but having the same zoodles over and over again can get boring. Mix it up with this recipe for One Pot Spicy Thai Zoodles from Domestic Superhero. It’s easy to whip up and has a kick.
  1. Nothing says summer like fresh pesto sauce, and this recipe for Lemon Pesto Zoodles from Mindful Avocado is vegan and gluten-free. With asparagus and homemade pesto, this recipe is like summer in a bowl. 
  1. Another way to enjoy zucchini this summer is by throwing it on the grill. Grilling it fresh is a healthy way to enjoy this vitamin A-rich veggie, and it adds a nice flavor profile, too. Try this easy recipe for Grilled Garlic Herb Zucchini from Damn Delicious to get started.  
  1. Once you’ve gotten the hang of grilling zucchini, use it to make these Grilled Zucchini Sandwiches with Pesto from Greens, Eggs, and Yams. Layer it with as many veggies as you want, or add your protein of choice. The homemade pesto is what makes this sandwich stand out from your run-of-the-mill lunch. 
  1. This recipe for Chicken Zucchini Poppers with Creamy Cilantro Sauce from The Dizzy Cook is similar to crab cakes but with chicken instead. The cilantro sauce is the star of the show, so don’t skip it. 
  1. If you’re counting carbs or eating keto, try this Low-Carb Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake from Kalyn’s Kitchen. Made with zucchini, yellow squash, basil, mozzarella, and Parmesan, this cheesy side dish will be a hit at your next summer cookout. 
  1. Another easy way to prepare zucchini is to throw it together with some other summer veggies and roast them in the oven. If you’re looking for an easy side dish, try this Roasted Garlic-Parmesan Zucchini, Squash, and Tomatoes recipe from Cooking Classy. 
  1. Not only can zucchini be used in savory recipes, but its moistness also lends itself nicely to baked treats. Try this recipe for Low Sugar Zucchini Bread from Lady Lee’s Home. Feel free to add chocolate chips, chopped nuts, or dried fruit to make it your own.
  1. Shred up some zucchini and carrots and make this recipe for Zucchini Carrot Muffins from A Life of Happenstance. This recipe is made with almond flour and free from gluten, grains, dairy, and refined sugar. Although it’s made with honey, these muffins aren’t very sweet so you can top them with jelly or more honey to your liking. 
  1. Have you ever thought about zucchini for breakfast? Try this recipe for Zucchini Bread Breakfast Cookies from Mile High Mitts. They’re vegan, oil-free, and gluten-free, and make for a tasty breakfast, snack, or after-dinner dessert at less than 100 calories per cookie. 

Stock up on zucchini while it’s in season and enjoy it just about any time of day. With so many creative recipes, you won’t get bored of this nutrient-packed summer squash.