11 Ways to Put Yourself First

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Last updated Feb 25, 2023

For many, the hardest part of the journey toward a healthier lifestyle is simply (or not-so-simply) making it a priority. Life gets in the way, you feel stretched too thin, and there is too much going on at work, at home, and everywhere in between. Here are some tips to help you put yourself at the top of your priority list so you can get closer to crushing your goals!

1. Make a prioritized to-do list

Take a few minutes at the beginning of your week – and even when you start your day – to organize your thoughts and decide what actually needs to get done, and what would be nice to get done daily. Putting the most important or difficult tasks first will get them out of the way so you have more time for YOU. If you get to tasks lower on the list- awesome! If not, they can wait. (Don’t forget to put yourself at the top of the list!)

2. Ask for help

How much time would you save if you didn’t have to do EVERYTHING on your own? Whether it’s asking your partner/kids/roommate to pitch in on your to-do list, hiring someone to do that one chore you hate,  or utilizing a grocery store’s online ordering service, reach out for help getting through your to-do list. Then when you get to your items, they won’t seem as daunting!

3. Be kind to yourself

Only got through one task on your list? Ate a quick breakfast that was all red? Take a deep breath – it’s OK! You are a human being and are not perfect. Show yourself some kindness and forgiveness by celebrating every victory (no matter how small it seems).

4. Say “no”

When there are too many commitments stacking up and you are feeling overwhelmed, saying “no” to one more can be a huge relief. It can be really helpful to have a way to kindly decline planned out so that you are confident and no feelings are hurt in the process!

5. Help yourself to help others

Are you really being the best support or benefit to others that you can be when you are running on fumes? There is a reason they tell you to put your mask on first in the event of a plane crash. You can’t help others without helping yourself first! Whether you are taking care of a loved one, volunteering, or doing someone a simple favor, if you are not taking some time for you, that time you give to others will be less effective.

6. Eat well

This is kind of the whole point of this Noom thing, right? It’s also a really good way to put your health first and to make it an intentional way to treat your body like the amazing machine it is. Give it the good fuel it needs to get through the day!

7. Be active

Just like eating well, you might look at this and think, “Duh!” Whether you have 5 minutes or more than an hour, getting moving can help with stress. You can even multi-task and get movement with things on your to-do list like working in the yard, cleaning the house, or spending time with the family playing!

8. Drink water

Staying hydrated often takes no extra time at all – swap a soda (or any other drink) for a glass of water! Then take a few seconds to think about your body absorbing it and getting hydrated. Take a few deep breaths. Easy-peasy! You just meditated and got some extra H20!

9. Sleep

Getting the rest you need to conquer those items on your to-do list is very important! If you find that you are having trouble falling asleep and thinking about all the things you have to accomplish, try making a list before you go to bed to get all of those thoughts out. Then you have your tasks for the next day ready to go!

10. Crowdsource

It can feel like we are navigating through life alone sometimes, but you are not alone! There are many others who have gone through – and are still going through – your struggles. Taking advantage of others’ perspectives can be really helpful so that you don’t have to come up with everything on your own. Reach out to your Noom group, your friends, or someone in the gym for ideas and to share in your journey!

11. Practice self-care

Having some self-care habits in your toolbox really goes a long way with putting yourself first. Taking just a little time each day to do something that you enjoy and makes you happy pays off big in the long run so that you are feeling taken care of!

Author: Rachel Potter