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The Bottom Line: How Noom’s behavioral approach to maintaining weight loss renders long lasting results

Research tells us that achieving 5% weight loss is the threshold to reduce the risk of chronic diseases linked to obesity. It’s also the range when most people with a BMI of 25+ perceive an improvement in their quality of life, feeling and function. But the biggest concern of employers is the long-term effectiveness of digital weight loss programs to maintain that reduced risk.

Noom initiated a cross-sectional survey study to determine how its psychology-based behavior change approach can deliver long-lasting impact. Research showed of users who lost at least 10% of their body weight, 42% had maintained 10% of that weight loss two years after using Noom.

Learn more about how a behavioral approach to weight loss can result in:

  • Successful weight management  
  • Improved quality of life, feeling and function  
  • Help reduced health costs for employer-sponsored plans 

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