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The behavior change platform helping people lose weight through psychology now offers Noom Mood, a program dedicated to helping people develop and implement healthy habits to manage daily stress and anxiety.
By Noom Team

Mental healthcare has never been more critical. With 76% of employees reporting at least one mental health symptom1, employers and employees alike are seeking health benefits that foster better mental health support this more affordable, more accessible, and used more frequently by employees.

That’s why we launched Noom Mood, a program dedicated to helping people develop and implement healthy habits to manage daily stress and anxious thoughts. 

“A stress management product has been a top request from our Noom community,” said Saeju Jeong, Noom co-founder and CEO. “As awareness grows around the importance of mental well-being for living a healthy and happy life, Noom Mood fills an urgent gap for those who want to improve their relationship with stress. The program is easy to use anytime, anywhere, building users’ confidence and empowering them to take control of their health.”

Grounded in the same psychology-based behavior change approach as other Noom offerings, Noom Mood is a structured, always-on digital program that works on an individual level to help employees manage stress and reduce anxious feelings. Many U.S. adults report a lack of time, energy, and confidence as barriers to managing their mental health2. Noom Mood meets users where they’re at with an accessible, digital program that uses evidence-based stress management tools and techniques, including structured, educational lessons and supportive coaching, to help users develop healthy coping skills and build resilience against stressful situations. 

As users work their way through the program, they’ll have access to: 

  • A dedicated coach who provides direction and encouragement along the way via secure chat – video is also offered as a premium feature
  • Psychology-based curriculum to build practical skills for stress management
  • Self-care resources for in-the-moment relief
  • Daily mood tracking to support positive reinforcement
  • Step counting and activity tracking to connect mind with body

Noom’s accessible approach to stress management has helped bring more peace of mind to workplaces across the country. After offering Noom Mood as a health benefit, employers are seeing: 

  • 25% employee adoption3
  • 45% improvement in presenteeism after 16 weeks4
  • 36% decrease in anxious feelings after 4 weeks5
  • 33% decrease in depressed feelings after 4 weeks5

Bring better mental health support to your benefits with Noom Mood. Download the Noom Mood sell sheet to learn more. 

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