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CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield teamed up with Noom for Work, the commercial leader in behavior change, to offer its commercial members two new preventative health solutions: Noom Weight and Noom’s Diabetes Prevention Program.
By Noom Team

On April 3, 2023, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield partnered with Noom for Work to offer its members two new preventive health solutions: Noom Weight and Noom Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Both programs are accessible via CareFirst WellBeing™ as a benefit to all commercial members. 

“This partnership with Noom will empower the people we serve to take charge of their health through healthier habits and weight management to mitigate chronic conditions, and we’re excited to see the benefits it brings to our members,” said Mach McGee, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of CareFirst.

Using Noom’s psychology-based app, members can take a brief assessment to find the best program for their health needs. Noom Weight uses a personalized, psychology-based approach that combines technology with human coaching to help users understand the why behind their habits and change them for long-lasting results. The program features modular daily lessons that are tailored to each person’s goals, education tracking, food logging, and the ability to connect to other devices (scales, wearable tech) for immediate feedback and positive reinforcement. Users can access one-on-one coaching and support groups for encouragement, goal setting, and accountability throughout their health journey. 

For individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes, they can access Noom DPP – the first CDC-recognized digital behavior change program tailored to support those who have early indicators or are at risk of developing the disease. There’s proven power in proactivity. Since its launch in 2017, users have seen: 

  • 84% of employees completed the six-month program1
  • 64% of engaged users lost > 5% of their body weight1

Noom for Work is the behavior change program that’s changing health benefits for good. Download our Noom Weight and Noom DPP sell sheets to learn more about adding these offerings to your health plan. 

1 Weight loss efficacy of a novel mobile Diabetes Prevention Program delivery platform with human coaching: Prospective observational study of prediabetic users. Sept 2016.

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