50 of the best paleo diet recipes for simple, delicious meals

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Last updated Feb 25, 2023

When you follow the paleo diet and eat whole foods like an ancient hunter-gatherer, finding modern recipes can be tricky.

While paleo doesn’t allow grain or dairy, spices and herbs are still on the table—so you can still get creative in the kitchen and enjoy delicious meals. 

To help you out, we’ve collected 50 easy, nutritious paleo recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and more.

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Paleo recipes for breakfast

You might think breakfast on the paleo diet is going to consist of a lot of eggs, and yes, there are lots of eggs involved. 

But there are plenty of other paleo breakfast recipes out there to add some variety and excitement to your mornings.

Most of these recipes take the back-to-basics paleo approach with a slightly modern twist.

  1. Steak, eggs, and veggies from Paleo Plan (327 calories)
  2. Baked eggs in avocado from Paleo Grubs (406 calories)
  3. Pineapple ginger smoothie from One Lovely Life (157 calories)
  4. Shakshuka from Paleo Running Momma (258 calories)
  5. Baked egg cups from The Wooden Skillet (95 calories)
  6. 2-ingredient banana pancakes from Living Well Mom (248 calories)
  7. Grain-free overnight “oats” from Gluten-Free Palate (353 calories)
  8. Eggs Benedict casserole from Healthy Little Peach (260 calories)
  9. Pumpkin coconut smoothie from Cook Eat Well (292 calories)
  10. Smoked salmon breakfast bowls from Eat the Gains (470 calories)

Easy paleo recipes for lunch

In the absence of bread and dairy, traditional lunches filled with ham and cheese sandwiches are a no-no on paleo. 

But that opens the doors to some exciting lunch ideas that go beyond just sandwiches. Another benefit of these paleo lunch recipes? Most can be prepped ahead of time. 

These lunch recipes won’t taste like you’re on a diet—as they include all kinds of flavor profiles while still being paleo friendly.

  1. Meatballs with zoodles from My Life Cookbook (401 calories)
  2. Apple cranberry chicken salad from One Lovely Life (267 calories)
  3. Egg roll in a bowl from Paleo Running Momma (368 calories)
  4. Slow cooker beef bone broth from Nom Nom Paleo (128 calories)
  5. Chinese chicken and broccoli stir fry from I Heart Umami (209 calories)
  6. Mediterranean chopped salad from Paleo Running Momma (252 calories)
  7. Sticky Asian chicken wings from Healthy Little Peach (96 calories)
  8. Chicken tacos in lettuce wraps from 40 Aprons (367 calories)
  9. Chicken enchilada soup with chicken thighs from Real Simple Good (237 calories)
  10. Thai vegetable coconut curry soup with coconut milk from The Roasted Root (419 calories)

Paleo dinner ideas

At the end of a long day, the last thing you want is a complicated, time-consuming dinner recipe to follow. 

These delicious recipes for dinner are quick and easy, so you can get a meal on the table without a lot of fuss. They also focus on high-quality meats and fresh vegetables, which is the core of the paleo diet.

  1. Lemon garlic salmon from 40 Aprons (384 calories). Try serving it with green beans and cherry tomatoes.
  2. Paleo meatloaf from Mary’s Whole Life (494 calories). Serve with your favorite cauliflower rice recipe.
  3. Loaded burger bowls with grass-fed ground beef from The Healthy Consultant (514 calories)
  4. Chicken burrito bowls from Eat the Gains (441 calories)
  5. Crispy cashew chicken sheet pan dinner from Food Faith Fitness (363 calories)

We think soup season can be any season, and there are lots of paleo soup recipes out there to try.

  1. Dairy-free butternut squash soup from The Clean Eating Couple (107 calories)
  2. Ginger carrot beef bone broth from Paleo Flourish (50 calories)
  3. Immunity-boosting turmeric chicken soup with chicken breasts from The Roasted Root (278 calories)
  4. Slow cooker beef stew from Whole Kitchen Sink (486 calories)
  5. White chicken chili from What Great Grandma Ate (352 calories)

Ready to make a lasting change?

A healthier you, wherever you are.

Healthy paleo snacks

We’ve all felt the urge to grab an afternoon or late-night snack. 

However, you need something that’s in line with your paleo goals, and that might not be the cookies and chips that are normally in the pantry.

The paleo-friendly recipes below can give you a boost of energy and help tide you over until your next meal.

  1. Paleo energy balls from Healthy Seasonal Recipes (126 calories)
  2. Crock pot trail mix from Cotter Crunch (250 calories)
  3. Kale chips from All Recipes (87 calories)
  4. Paleo “Cheetos” from gnom-gnom (97 calories)
  5. Sweet potato bagel chips from Unbound Wellness (328 calories)
  6. Air fryer avocado fries from What Great Grandma Ate (196 calories)
  7. Carrot fries with curry dipping sauce from Eat the Gains (166 calories)
  8. Hard boiled eggs from Love and Lemons (78 calories)
  9. Sour candy frozen grapes from Healthy Little Peach (67 calories)
  10. Apple chips from Ultimate Paleo Guide (77 calories)

And don’t forget some of the easiest paleo snacks available—fruits and veggies. Grab some from your fridge or pantry for an easy, nutritious bite between meals.

Paleo dessert recipes

Even a no-added-sugar diet like paleo still leaves room for dessert. Thanks to natural sweeteners and some ingredient swaps, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth.

Some of these recipes require a little baking, and others can just be quickly thrown together. Either way, you can always have something sweet on hand with these paleo dessert recipes.

  1. Cinnamon apples from JoyFoodSunshine (96 calories)
  2. Blueberry popsicles from What Molly Made (57 calories)
  3. No bake fruit tart from Healy Eats Real (311 calories)
  4. Lemon bars from Cooking Perfected (181 calories)
  5. 5-minute no bake brownies from Paleo Gluten Free (397 calories)
  6. 7layer bars from A Sweet Pea Chef (329 calories)
  7. Pumpkin, coconut, and maple custard cups from Nom Nom Paleo (160 calories)
  8. Dairy-free pumpkin dip from Healthy Little Peach (73 calories)
  9. Banana bread from Downshiftology (258 calories)
  10. 7-ingredient cheesecake from Minimalist Baker (324 calories)

Find more of the best paleo recipes and weight loss support with Noom

The paleo diet can limit your food choices, and here at Noom, we don’t endorse restrictive diets because they’re hard to sustain in the long term. 

That said, we think there are some great things about paleo, especially its focus on whole, less processed foods.

Because Paleo focuses on whole foods and quality ingredients, you can plan nutrient-dense and delicious meals that fuel your body in a mindful way.

And remember, at Noom we’re all about helping you find the approach to eating that works best for you—so if you want to try out paleo, go for it! Learn more about paleo and weight loss.