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The simple pedometer that inspires steps.

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Never miss another step

Unlike most pedometer apps, there's no need to turn Noom Walk on or off. It automatically counts your steps throughout the day, 24/7, just like a wearable device.

Battery friendly

Noom Walk is specifically engineered to be superbly battery efficient. Because it doesn't use GPS, a full 24 hours of Noom Walk uses the same amount of battery as 20 minutes of screen display or just 3 minutes of GPS.

Encourage others

Notice someone's walking a little more than usual? Let them know! See your friends' steps and encourage each other to keep moving with high fives and comments.

Free and easy

Noom Walk is free (and always will be). Plus, it works with the Android smartphone you already have, so you don't need to buy or carry around expensive hardware accessories.

Walk with the world

Connect with friends through Facebook, Google+, or email. Or view the entire world of Noom Walkers to see what others are up to.