About CardioTrainer
CardioTrainer is a free application for Android smartphones
that lets you track and record all of your fitness activity.
Get CardioTrainer!
Open the Market app on
your Android phone and
search for "CardioTrainer".

Select CardioTrainer, click
Install, and then click OK
to download CardioTrainer.

GPS Tracking

Track your workout activity
and see your route on a map.


Count the number of steps
you've taken.

World High Scores

Compare yourself to other
CardioTrainer users around
the world and see your stats.


Automatically pauses the
workout when you stop
moving at stoplights, etc.

Record Any Workout

Track and record all of your
workouts, everything from
walking to yoga to running.

Music Integration

Listen to your favorite workout
mix and control playback with

Voice Notifications

Get real-time voice feedback
about your distance, time,
pace and calories burned.

Facebook Integration

Share your exercise activity
with your friends and family.

Move Your Bot (Learn more!)

The fitness game you play with
your friends! Exercise with
CardioTrainer to improve your
Android's fitness level.

Weight Loss Trainer

$2.99 Premium Feature

Set up and follow a weight loss
plan without counting calories.

Race Against Yourself

$2.99 Premium Feature

Record your workouts with
CardioTrainer and then race
against your best times.
What the press & our users are saying
Arguably better than any fitness app on the iPhone.
Probably the best exercise app out there (including any you could find for Apple).
CardioTrainer is probably the best fitness app I've seen on any mobile platform.
CardioTrainer is a phenomenal tool for running.
This is the year I get into shape and this app will help me do it!
— Tasha, Pointe-Claire, Quebec