How often should I be weighing in?

A proven and effective tool for weight loss, regular weigh-ins are a key part of the Noom program.

The effectiveness of weigh-ins isn’t just about the number on the scale — it’s about subtle changes in psychology. Eating more usually doesn’t have a short-term consequence, but when you know that you’ll see it on the scale in a few days, you’re much more likely to stick to your diet. It’s like having a small voice inside your head reminding you of the goal you’re working towards.

To make your weigh-ins most effective and to minimize variability, weigh yourself in the morning 15-30 minutes after waking up and before eating or drinking.

We recommend weighing in at least once per week. Some people like to weigh in daily, but it’s not necessary (or even productive) to focus on those small daily fluctuations. Instead, focus on longer trends you can observe from weekly weigh-ins. Noom will remind you to weigh in at least once per week, but you should feel free to weigh in more often if you’d like to.

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