3 Tips for a Healthy Game Day

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Last updated Feb 15, 2022

Author: Angela Finn

If you’re currently a Noomer, you’re probably familiar with the concept of thought distortions — the ways in which our minds skew reality and try to convince us of things that really aren’t true. One common thought distortion that’s relevant here is thinking it’s not possible to have a healthy game day. Time for a little honesty: Raise your hand if you thought “it’s Super Bowl Sunday, I’ll get back on track Monday.” It’s okay, the Noomiverse is a safe place — we’re a judgment- and guilt- free judgment-free, we’ve been there too!

Similar to what talked about in the blog post about setting goals that stick, having a healthy game day is possible — all it takes is some extra planning.

While SuperBowl Sunday is over, we’re around the corner from March Madness, MLB Opening Day, and both NHL and NBA playoffs. Oh, and did you know that the Summer Olympics are this year too?! Not to worry though, us #NoomNerds are here to help you learn, reflect, grow, and enjoy throughout all the game day fun. We’re here to help you acknowledge that a Super Bowl “fail” is not a failure, but rather an opportunity to learn about yourself, your food choices, and how to set yourself up for success in the future. 

Like we said, having a healthy game day is possible! Here are 3 tips for a healthier game day. 

Game day tip #1: Draw up your Game Plan

Eat to enjoy. Yes, I said it: enjoy yourself! Ask yourself, “How can I best enjoy this experience with my goals in mind?” Use your plate as your play-making whiteboard and plan out what you want to prioritize and what will help you win. Start with your favorite green foods (½ plate) and then your favorite game day classics (½ plate). You should not deprive yourself. Cheering for your team is meant to be fun, so we want you to have fun with your food choices too! 

Game day tip #2: Stay hydrated

Drink to enjoy. Just as cadence can affect the outcome of a game, cadence can affect the outcome of your weight loss goals. Grab your choice of beverage, cheers, drink, and alternate with water! Think: beverage, water, beverage, water. Not only will you be mindfully hydrating and refreshing your body with water more frequently, you’ll also automatically cut down on extra calories from that extra beverage that’s now been replaced with zero-calorie water. Win-win. Taste and savor each sip of your favorite drink and take your time. Decide ahead of time how many drinks you’d like to enjoy, and remember, that these drinks are available to you any time, not just for game day. 

Game day tip #3: Call a timeout

When it comes to food (and drink) choices, it’s helpful to call a timeout and or even a halftime to check in with yourself, your surroundings, and the entire experience. If your goal is to enjoy yourself with your goals in mind, one way to do this is checking in with your hunger and satiety cues. Are you satisfied? Are you stuffed? Are you somewhere in between?

Remember, if things don’t go as planned one meal, or even one day, there’s always the next one! Every opportunity we have, even the ones where we feel that we’ve“lost”, is a time to reflect, learn from worked and what didn’t, and make adjustments for the next time. In the Noomiverse, we play as a team, and we play to #WinORLearn. Your goal specialist is your coach — they’re here to guide you, teach you, hold you accountable, and sometimes to push you to discover uncovered strengths. You are the ultimate playmaker and you call the shots. Join the Noom team today