Ingredient of the month: Leeks

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Last updated May 25, 2022

Things we love: learning about the mind, practicing self-care, and sharing the things we love with you. 

That’s why we’re shining the spotlight on a vegetable (another love of ours) this month—to inspire you to try something new, revisit an old favorite, or use a staple in a different way. 

Alright, are you ready for us to wow you?

Introducing: Leeks

We know what you’re thinking: “You got me all hyped up for onion’s cousin? Who cares?”

Well, first of all, leeks are also related to garlic, chives, and shallots (we didn’t want them to feel left out) and second,  they add a ton of flavor to any dish you’re creating.

Leeks are also high in a lot of healthy nutrients. They contain flavonoids, a class of antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties and help our bodies fight disease. They’re also high in vitamins A, C, and K, which support a number of body functions including immune health and healthy bones. And as if they couldn’t do more, they’re also high in iron and manganese, which also play an important role in your circulatory system and the metabolism of certain foods.

Beyond their potential health benefits, they’re a pretty versatile veggie. They add depth to soup, stew, and pasta recipes but they can also be enjoyed on their own. To prove it to you, we’ve rounded up a few recipes that make leeks the star of your next meal. 

Braised leeks with parmesan cheese
We’re all for anything that has cheese on top. Serve this with salmon or chicken for a simple weeknight side dish that only has only four ingredients.

Potato leek soup 
This staple soup recipe subs out heavy cream for Greek yogurt, and packs a flavorful punch with some saffron and cayenne. You’ll want to drink this right out of the pot. 

Steamed winter veggie bowls 
This is one of those dishes you make when you don’t feel like cooking but you want something delicious. It’s a nice break from steamed veggies, and the potatoes, broccolini, leeks, and spices make for a hearty and comforting winter lunch or dinner. 

Mushroom and leek risotto
Impress your family or friends with this easy but seemingly fancy recipe. With less than 10 ingredients and the option to make it vegan and gluten-free, this recipe is the ultimate winter comfort meal.

Cast-iron roast chicken with caramelized leeks
Spice up your weekly chicken dinner with this fresh recipe. All you need is chicken, leeks, olive oil, salt, and pepper to elevate your next roast chicken. 

So whether you throw leeks in soup, make them the star of your dish, or anything else, we hope you’re feeling inspired. For more recipe inspiration, head to the recipes section in the Noom Weight program.