Teams Who Break Bread Together, Stay Together

by | Jul 2, 2015

Since I began working at Noom, I learned two things about Noomers: we are a social bunch, and we all love food. That is why lunchtime is easily the best part of our work day. Lunch was always an after thought at my previous jobs. At one job, I would sit alone eat the medicore lunch I packed for myself because none of my co-workers wanted to socialize; they spent their lunch hour sleeping or playing on their phones in the break room. At another job, few took a break for lunch. To these former co-workers, “lunch” often consisted of a 4pm trip to the vending machine to buy snacks they would rapidly eat at their desks while drafting emails and checking voicemails. Needless to say, my past experience did not prepare me for lunch at Noom.
Each day at noon, the entire team stops working and congregates in the kitchen to eat lunch together. Chef Jane prepares free hot lunch for us every day, ranging from soups and salads, to pastas and ethnic dishes. We practice what we preach: everything is super healthy (yay veggies!) and everything is really delicious. After working at Noom for a few months, I began to notice positive changes which I attribute to our daily lunches. I realized that it’s so refreshing to walk away from my desk for awhile fully take a break for lunch. I’m able to catch up with co-workers and chat with team members I don’t work closely with.
The food at Noom has also positively impacted physical aspects of my life. The healthier lunch alternatives have left me with more energy both to power through my work day without crashing in the afternoon, AND I’m left with energy after work to go to the gym. Most interestingly, the Noom kitchen has become a one-stop-shop for me to explore new foods I’ve never tried before. Pre-Noom Kristen never tried brussel sprouts, salmon, Korean BBQ, figs, arugula, chickpeas, or bulgur. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I no longer enjoy weekends because that would be crazy talk, but they’re certainly less exciting food-wise.
Here’s a wide assortment of things I’ve eaten at Noom because I take pictures of my lunch every day!