Noom’s Workspace: Comfort is King

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Last updated Mar 17, 2023

Tech startups understand that providing a comfortable and engaging environment for their teams goes a long way. A positive environment ensures that the team will be productive when it comes to building, marketing, and supporting great products. From AirBnB’s massive, open-air atrium in their new San Francisco headquarters, to Squarespace’s classy, minimalist take on the industrial open plan workspace in Soho, the new generation in tech clearly appreciates the impact that setting and surroundings can have on the daily work experience. And for good reason: multiple studies throughout the last decade have demonstrated links between workplace layout and various aspects of personal psychology, like creativity, stress management, and attention to detail. Companies that build opportunities for fun, relaxation, and social interaction into their office spaces benefit by having more engaged, imaginative, and productive teams – and their teams benefit by enjoying time in the office.
At Noom, we’re intimately aware of the connection between the character of a workspace and the quality of work that comes out of it. Our HQ in New York City is designed to feel like a second home for the Noomily (our family of Noomers) and is complete with:
A flexible open-plan layout: We work together in three open-plan workspaces, two adjoined and one just down the hall. Our workspace layout is ideal for collaboration and idea exchange, which we prize highly at Noom. As a healthcare technology company, we’re relentlessly curious about trends in personal wellness, and have standing desks available for Noomers to flex their legs while they work. We even engage in “desk shuffles” every few months, in which each member of the company moves to a new desk for a fresh perspective and a new set of neighbors.

A free-form loft space: Dubbed the “Devil’s Playground,” we use our loft space for company events, presentations, and demos – but most of the time, it’s just a great place to steal away a bit of quiet time in order to really crank on a tough project or figure out the best way to tackle a thorny programming problem. It’s filled with couches for maximum comfort and flooded with natural light from all sides – a rejuvenating getaway from the hustle and bustle of startup life. It also boasts a 200-title library of relevant reading material and a kegerator, for those who enjoy expanding their intellectual horizons while sipping a beverage.
A central company kitchen: Daily gourmet lunches are cooked and served to all Noomers by our amazing chef Jane and sous chef Marcelo in our kitchen, centrally situated next to our two primary workspaces. The kitchen serves as an informal meeting and catch-up space and is a primary hub of motion through the workspace – only partly due to the constant presence of snacks, smoothies, and other treats.
Noom’s workspace set-up isn’t perfect for every company, but it works well for us. We’re happy to have open access to everyone’s desk, while still having a few places to duck away for some headspace.