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Can I delete a weigh-in?

To delete your weight in Noom:

  1. Tap the Weigh In task on the Noom Home screen where your daily tasks are. Your logged weights will appear in the graph.
  2. Tap the weight in the graph you want to delete by tapping its blue dot.
  3. Tap the numerical weight that pops up.
  4. Tap Delete in the bottom right corner to delete the weight.

Please note that if the Delete option isn’t available or the weight changes back to a different amount, this means that your weight is being synced in from another app and can’t be deleted. You may have to open that other app and delete it from there. However, in most instances, it won’t delete it from the Noom app.

Remember, you can weigh in at any time via the Track more progress menu on your Noom home screen!

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