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Kickstart Weight Loss Guarantee Refund Policy

By participating in Noom’s Kickstart program, you may qualify for a refund of your Noom Weight membership fees if you don’t achieve a loss of 5 pounds during the 30-day period beginning with day 1 of the Kickstart program. The weight loss will be measured by comparing your reported starting weight versus your weight at the end of the Kickstart program. To be eligible for this refund, you must record at a minimum your starting weight on day 1 of Kickstart and your final weight on day 30.

Any refund won’t include any payments for additional products, including without limitation Noom Med membership fees, course pack add-ons, products purchased through Noom or Noom Shop, and any medication or lab work expenses. Any refunds for these additional costs will be subject to Noom’s then current refund policy for each specific product.

To be eligible for Noom’s Kickstart Program Weight Loss Guarantee, you must meet all of the following requirements: 

  • Signed up for the Kickstart program during the Noom Weight sign-up process;
  • Earn at least fourteen (14) NoomCoins during the fourteen (14) days of the Kickstart program and complete all items in the full Kickstart program;
  • Recorded an initial weight on the Noom application on day 1 of the Kickstart program and an ending weight on day 30 on the Noom application, and the weight loss must be less than 5 pounds during that period; and
  • Paid Noom Weight membership fees through Noom’s cash pay program – specifically not including Noom Weight that has been fully paid for through an employer or health plan benefit. 

To enquire about a refund under this Weight Loss Guarantee, please reach out to us via our Contact Support form.