Blood Glucometer Manual (Android)

Before you get started, here’s what you’ll need:

Glucometer Device map

1. Download Noom.

If you haven’t done so already, download the Noom app from the Google Play Store.

2. Turn on your glucometer.

Hold the memory button on the side of your glucometer until the display turns on.


Note: Don’t put the testing strip in the glucometer yet.

Charge battery

3. Turn on Bluetooth

Open phone settings

a) Go to your phone’s settings and find Bluetooth.

Tap the toggle

b) If Bluetooth is off, tap the toggle to turn Bluetooth on.

Android - Step 3 (1)

4. Pair the glucometer with your phone

Select your device

a) Pair the glucometer to your phone by tapping the device that begins with BG5 under Available Devices (this is your glucometer). It may take a moment to show up on the screen and to complete pairing.

Exit settings

b) Press the home button to exit Settings.

Note: If you still don’t see your BG5 device in the accessory list, make sure your meter is turned on (display is lit up).

Android - Step 4

5. Return to the app.

Tap the Noom icon to return to the app.


Set up the lancing device

6. Pull the cap off the lancing device

Pull off the cap of the white lancing device (the cap has a small hole at the top).

7. Insert the blue lancet into the lancing device

Insert a new blue lancet (with the blue circle facing away from the lancing device) firmly into the top of the lancing device.

Android - Steps 6 & 7

8. Reveal the needle

Twist the blue circle off the top of the lancet to reveal the needle.

9. Snap the cap back on

Snap the cap back on the lancing device.

Android - Steps 8 & 9

10. Set the lancing level

Twist the cap to set the lancing level between 1 and 5.

Note: 1 is for thin skin, 5 is for thicker skin, and 3 is the most commonly used setting.

Android - Step 10 (1)

11. Do more

Open the app and tap the Do more card at the bottom of the home screen.

12. Take blood glucose

Tap Take blood glucose

Android - Steps 11 & 12

13. Choose a time for your reading

In the app, choose the time that you are measuring your blood glucose.

Android - Step 13

14. Make sure your glucometer is on

If the display on your glucometer is no longer lit up, press and hold the memory button on the side of your glucometer until the display appears.

Android - Step 14

Before testing your blood glucose: Wash your hands with warm, soapy water or an alcohol swab, and dry them well with a clean towel.

15. Insert a test strip into the glucometer

Insert the test strip into the glucometer with the red arrow pointing toward the glucometer until it locks into place.

Android - Step 15

16. Load the lancing device

Twist the head of the lancing device in the direction that the arrow is pointing until you hear a click.

17. Prick your finger

Press the cap end of the lancing device against your finger. Press the release button on the side of the lancing device to prick your finger.

Android - Step 16

18. Squeeze your finger

Gently squeeze your fingertip until a drop of blood forms.

19. Test your blood

Lightly touch the tip of the test strip at a 45-degree angle to your blood drop.

Android - Steps 18 & 19 (A) Android - Steps 18 & 19 (B)

20. You should now see a blood glucose reading on your screen.

If you’re having technical issues, please contact your coach or reach out to our Support Team using our Contact Support Form.

Clean up and disposal

21. Dispose of the test strip.
Place the glucometer over a wastebasket and slide the eject button on the back of the glucometer to release the test strip.

22. Dispose of the lancet once it’s become dull.
Remove the cap of the lancing device and place the device over a wastebasket. Slide the lancet disposer toward the lancet to release it.

Android - Steps 20 & 21

Note: Rub the device and needle with rubbing alcohol after each use.