Noom Weight

The Noom Weight program empowers participants to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through lifestyle intervention. The program helps Noomers develop and maintain healthy eating patterns and physical activity habits, and foster the skills they need to navigate their social environment and overcome barriers. In addition, the program promotes other aspects of well-being, including sleep and stress management.

Program Overview:

  • Daily lessons designed to fit into your schedule and help you gain confidence with practical knowledge about healthy weight loss, nutrition, physical activity, and other aspects of health and well-being you can employ right away.
  • Interactive challenges to help you develop and maintain healthy habits.
  • One-on-one coaching with a coach to keep you feeling encouraged and supported along your Noom journey. You can engage with your coach as often as you’d like to set goals, ask questions about the Noom approach, and share your struggles and successes.
  • Support groups facilitated by a specially trained Group Coach to provide a sense of community, empathy, and accountability.
  • Optional tracking tools for food, exercise, weight, steps, and more to help you understand patterns and empower you to hit your goals at a pace that’s comfortable for you.