What are the roles of my Noom Weight coaches?

Our coaches are one of the most valuable parts of Noom and one of the secrets to success for so many Noomers. When you join Noom, you’re assigned a 1:1 Coach and a Group Coach.

Your 1:1 Coach is your personal coach who will help you set and achieve your weekly goals. Expect your 1:1 Coach to check in weekly from Monday – Friday during standard business hours (Eastern Time), and to get back to you within 2 business days. You can also message your Coach outside of your weekly check-ins as needed. Just keep in mind that it may take them a little longer to get back to you. Together, you can discuss the highs and lows of your week and adjust your goals if needed.

The 1:1 Coach is all about accountability. They can give you a virtual high-five for remembering a #psychtrick, or help you understand the Noom app better. They’ll have access to your food and exercise logging, as well as other Noom app information (like your Big Picture) to help support your specific needs.

Your Group Coach comes in at Week Three and will be in daily contact with you and your support group. You and your group will have unlimited access to your Group coach from Monday – Friday during standard business hours (Eastern Time). The messages here are more like instant messages or group chats. What this relationship is like is up to you and your group, but people like to share wins, help with struggles, and talk about the Noom journey with the guidance of someone who’s seen many Noomers through to their goals.