Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention Program


Noom’s Diabetes Prevention program empowers participants to reduce their risk of developing diabetes and reverse their pre-diabetes by losing 7% of their body weight through lifestyle intervention. The program helps users develop and maintain healthy eating patterns and physical activity habits, and foster the skills they need to navigate their social environment and overcome barriers.



  • 16 week program with post-core curriculum
  • Structured curriculum delivering daily content:
    • 1-2 informative articles to educate users about healthy weight loss, nutrition, physical activity, and other aspects of health and wellbeing
    • 0-1 interactive challenges to help users develop and maintain healthy habits
    • Dynamic weekend content relevant to a users’ demographic, interests, and behaviors
  • Weekly weight logging
  • Daily food logging  with feedback on food choices
  • Calorie budget and tracking
  • Daily exercise logging
  • Built in pedometer to track steps
  • Virtual groups
  • In-app messaging with coach
  • In-app messaging with group