Success Story: Taunya

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Last updated Nov 4, 2022

It took Taunya seeing a photo of herself to realize that it was time to make a change. She decided not to wait until next Monday, next month, or the new year — she knew it was time to do something then and there.

While she knew about all the diets out there, she decided she didn’t want to diet; she wanted to change her lifestyle. Taunya bought a journal to start writing down the foods she ate. Over time, she started counting calories by researching the foods she was eating online.

By March 2013, she had lost about 15 pounds, but hit “the wall.” Taunya’s weight loss plateau was extremely frustrating — despite all of her effort she could not seem to get the scale to move. That’s when her friend told her about an app, Noom!

Noom came at the perfect time in her journey. With Noom “journaling” became easy! Taunya could look up nutritional information, log her food intake, and track her calories — all at her fingertips.

But it didn’t stop there! Taunya learned to focus not only on how much she was eating, but what she was eating. She took the guidance that she got throughout the course to heart. Taunya loved the daily articles and challenges she received because they were realistic. Every day they helped her take the small steps she needed to make big changes in her health over time!

“I replaced soda with unsweetened iced tea. I started eating my dinner in a small bowl or on a salad plate. I would wrap up half of my meal at a restaurant to take home.”

She never felt deprived, but rather enjoyed developing healthy habits that she could stick to and indulging in moderation! Slowly but surely, the weight started to fall off — no extreme “dieting” necessary.

When people stop her and ask her how she did it, Taunya takes out her phone and shows off the Noom app.

“People stop and ask me how I lost the weight and how I’m maintaining it. It’s Noom!”

Taunya knows that maintaining weight loss is the hardest part of the equation. Taunya began her journey at 164 pounds. Today, she stands confidently at 121 pounds — a healthy weight that she’s has been able to maintain for over 2 years!

Taunya is now a huge advocate of finding a healthy balance when it comes to food and activity, and developing healthy, sustainable habits. By sharing her story, she hopes to inspire her family and friends to find true health and happiness.

“Whatever it takes to help inspire others!”

Taunya still uses Noom to help her maintain a healthy weight. However, she has also realized that everything she has learned throughout her course has given her the confidence to spread her wings and fly on her own from day-to-day.

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