Success Story: Rachelle

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Last updated Nov 4, 2022

Rachelle received an invitation from her employer to join Noom’s Diabetes Prevention Program. Little did she know, the journey she would soon embark would change her life…

At 197lbs, Rachelle was overweight and at risk of developing diabetes and other chronic conditions. Rachelle had struggled with her weight her entire life. While she’d tried different diets in the past, nothing had worked to help her lose weight and improve her health long-term. Unsure of what exactly this journey would entail, she figured she had nothing to lose and took the plunge.

As she began to work with her coach, learn about healthy living, change her habits, and see progress, she fell in love with her program. “I was hooked!” Noom was something Rachelle knew she could stick to.

Over the course of her program, she lost 25lbs and gained a new perspective.

“The things I once struggled to do actually became my preference. I love eating healthy salads and cooking food at home. If I don’t move daily, I don’t feel right. During the holidays, I can’t stomach the foods I used to.”

Working with a coach was just what Rachelle needed to stay accountable.

“Coach Pete watched what I was doing, we talked about my choices, my habits and my goals. We set realistic goals and action plans to achieve them. Whenever I would have fallen, he was right there to give me a hand —  it’s like he knew.”

The structure of her program also helped guide her to take small steps to build healthier habits each day.

“It made it easy! There was always something to do. Log my food and activity, discuss my progress with my coach, and share tips and post photos with my group. The articles were perfect too — easy-to-read and informative. I got so much satisfaction from completing my daily to-do list!”

Every journey has it’s ups and downs, but Rachelle learned that she had control over her destiny. Constant encouragement and feedback from her program helped her stay and empowered her.

“I used to get down on myself. And when I would get down on myself, I wouldn’t be motivated to keep going. Noom taught me that if I messed up, it wasn’t the end of the world, and I could get right back on track.”

A year and a half later, Rachelle has been able to keep the weight off. Beyond the superficial changes, she and her doctor have seen improvements in her blood pressure and blood glucose levels, and she happily no longer qualifies for any of her employer’s health initiatives!

Over and above that, at 58 years old, Rachelle has been able to accomplish things she didn’t think were possible and couldn’t be happier (would you look at that headstand?!).

Thank you for inspiring us, Rachelle! We look forward to continuing to follow your journey and watching you reach new milestones in your health and happiness.

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