Success Story: Daniela

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Last updated Nov 4, 2022

At the time Daniela unintentionally enrolled in Noom’s Healthy Weight program, she did not know it would be “the best ‘mistake’ of [her] life!”

Daniela considered herself fortunate as a young adult — she was able to eat whatever she wanted and maintain a healthy weight. However, after having her son, Daniela began putting on weight. She soon realized that she couldn’t keep going on with her old ways and wanted to lose weight.

Daniela thought about trying Weight Watchers, but the program just didn’t suit her needs. As a mom working a mix of days and nights, having to drive to weekly meetings at certain times and share personal information with a large group of strangers was not for her. Daniela needed something flexible to suit her busy lifestyle and wanted something a little more private.

When searching for an alternative, Daniela stumbled upon Noom in the App Store. In January of 2014, she began using the free version of the app to keep track of her food intake and began to lose weight immediately. Unfortunately, she hit a few obstacles and was detracted from her journey, gaining some of the weight she had lost back on.

In September of 2016, Daniela decided she was finally ready to make a lasting change in her health and started using Noom once again. When she signed up for Noom’s Healthy Weight course, she decided she had nothing to lose by giving it a try.

As she began her course, she realized that it was exactly what she was looking for! It was personalized, flexible, and most importantly, sustainable. This busy mom was so thankful. She finally felt like she had all the tools she needed to make a lasting change in her health — at the tips of her fingers!

Daniela’s favorite part of the course was working with Coach Victoria. Working with her dedicated health coach made her feel supported and held her accountable. Coach Victoria helped her find a healthy balance with food and understand that it wasn’t about eliminating the foods she loved or feeling deprived.

Sixteen weeks later, Daniela lost 16 lbs and reached her goal weight, having lost over 40 lbs in all since beginning her journey.

“I feel strong, healthy, and happy. I feel more balanced physically and mentally than ever before.”

Throughout her journey, Daniela developed all the skills she needed to succeed and overcome any obstacle that came her way.

“I’ve learned so much! I know how to prepare healthier meals at home. I know how to make healthy food choices when I’m out. I know how to stay motivated. I know how to overcome sabotaging thoughts. I know how to get back on track if ever I slip up.”

More importantly, Daniela feels empowered.

“I didn’t just learn how to lose weight. I learned how to keep it off!”

What’s sets Noom apart is our emphasis on developing sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. While quick fix diets can lead to short-term weight loss, that weight loss only lasts so long. Daniela embraced this philosophy and is excited to continue on this lifelong journey.

“The future is no longer a scary thought. I know how to make healthy choices that I can stick to for the long-run. It’s a lifestyle and it feels natural!”

When we asked her for her best pieces of advice to someone who is skeptical like she was, she was quick to share what she has been telling her family and friends.

“Go for it — it’s worth it! Tell yourself you’ll give it at least 1 month. Then it will all make sense. You’ll soon see your life beginning to change in ways you never believed possible.”

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