Success Story: Claire

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Last updated Nov 4, 2022

Claire had been recently diagnosed with prediabetes, her and her doctor decided it was time to make a change.

In an attempt to lose her weight and improve her health, they tried everything from Weight Watchers to weight loss medications, but nothing worked.

Although she felt discouraged, when Claire received an invitation from her employer to get join Noom’s Diabetes Prevention Program last November, she felt as though she had nothing to lose and decided to join the program.

“To be honest, [a virtual program] is something I really didn’t think I could do, but I love this whole app thing! “

Claire loved having everything she needed to succeed at her fingertips: a personal coach, a supportive group of peers, tracking tools to guide her choices, and the knowledge she needed to make positive changes.

“You can message your coach any time of day. You can reach out to your group whenever you need. You can log your meals as you’re eating them or even use the food logging tool to make food choices in the moment. You have all the information you need to be healthy and apply the changes. Your program is always there for you — it’s great!”

Coach Laura M. she was her sounding board, accountability partner, support system, and guide throughout her entire experience. Working with a dedicated health coach was just what she needed get into a healthy routine that worked for her.

“I love working with a coach, it makes everything so much more personal. You’re not being given a cookie-cutter plan, you’re creating a plan that works for you!”

Most of all, Claire enjoyed the flexibility of her program and being able to go at her own pace. It didn’t require her to rearrange her schedule to attend a group meeting or take time off for an appointment with a nutritionist.

“You don’t have to worry about being somewhere at a certain time for an hour. When I did Weight Watchers in the past, I found these types of support groups would interfere with time I could spend going to the gym for example. With [Noom], I can do things on my own terms.”

Over the past 16 weeks, Claire has lost over 20 lbs and nearly 13% of her body weight. While seeing the number go down on the scale has been rewarding, she is thrilled about how different she feels.

“I have so much more energy and I feel so much more positive about things in all aspects of my life — my work, my personal life, everything!”

Claire is happy that she was finally able to find something that worked for her.

“I had been trying [to lose weight] with my doctor for over a year I was so happy to be able to join and not have to do Weight Watchers anymore which didn’t really work for me!”

What made Noom different?

“It wasn’t just one thing. It was everything I needed in one place. It was easy. It was flexible. It was always there!”

Claire can’t say enough good things about her experience in Noom’s Diabetes Prevention Program and looks forward to what the future will bring.

“I know now that it’s a forever thing. I’m keeping up with the new habits I’ve developed and it feels so good. I’m in it for the long haul!”

Congratulations on all of your success, Claire! We look forward to continuing to follow your journey to a happier, healthier you.

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