Success Story: Carol

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Last updated Nov 4, 2022

When her son-in-law told her about Noom, her first thought was “I don’t want to pay money for that, I can do MyFitnessPal!” So that’s what she did.

She used MyFitnessPal for a few months, but her commitment to the app wavered. “There was just no accountability!”

When Carol put on 10lbs, she decided it was time for a change. Inspired by her son-in-law’s progress, Carol decided to give Noom’s Healthy Weight course a try and embarked on the journey of a lifetime.

Just one week into the program, Carol found what she had been missing all along: a dedicated health coach.

“Coach Vincent is my biggest encourager! I really enjoy working with him. He makes a big deal over every triumph and helps me deal with every barrier that I face. We message every day and he keeps me accountable.”

Having encountered several challenges along the way, including wrist surgery and serious bouts of vertigo, the new habits Carol had built helped her continue to lose weight and progress despite these obstacles.

“I really enjoy the articles — they’re inspiring! And having small challenges to do every day helps you keep your health on your mind and work towards your goals every day.”

She’s applying the information she’s learned to help her lose weight and feel great. For starters, Carol has embraced the principle of volumetrics and begins at least one meal a day with a large salad.

“I start with a base of arugula or mixed greens, then I add tomato, carrots, red cabbage, and peppers, and voila! It helps me get a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and keep my portions in check when I eat my main meal.”

The small, sustainable changes Carol has made have led to big results. Carol is down 29lbs and counting — that’s over 10% of her body weight!

At 65 years old, Carol feels more energetic than ever. She loved that the program didn’t force her to stick to a certain exercise routine. “For me, the treadmill is boring. I just don’t want to be doing that!” Instead, the program helped her find activities she enjoys. Carol loves walking in her neighborhood, working up a sweat with WiiFit, and feeling the burn with at-home workout videos.

The biggest change Carol has experienced has been her shift in perspective.

“Before, if I ate one unhealthy food, that was it, a downward spiral. But now I realize I’m in it for life! I have a little treat and enjoy it, then I move on and eat my salad!”

Congratulations on all your success, Carol! We look forward to continuing to follow your journey.

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