Noomer Success Story: Heather

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Last updated Nov 4, 2022

At Noom, we’ve worked hard to create structured courses that provide our users with 360-degree support in their journeys to better health. Our Healthy Weight and Diabetes Prevention Programs provide users with personal support from a health coach and group of peers, insightful progress tracking and feedback, educational articles, and interactive challenges to help put learnings into practice, overcome obstacles, and achieve health goals. In other words, Noom helps users make sustainable life changes!

For Heather, enrolling in a Noom course and working closely with Coach Laura D has made a world of a difference in her health. When Heather was simply logging her food, her weight fluctuated up and down by a few pounds but was relatively plateaued for about two years. After just 10 weeks in Noom’s Diabetes Prevention Program, Heather lost 12.6 pounds and 6% of her body weight.

“It’s been amazing working with my coach, Laura. I’ve been a lifelong dieter – I let myself down so many times that it was never a big deal to me. When my diet fell apart, I had an ‘I’ll fix it tomorrow’ attitude. Having a person who regularly checks in on my progress and gives me feedback has kept me accountable. I want to do a good job so my coach can see and appreciate that I am really trying.”

Heather’s coach helped her make small, gradual changes, one or two things at a time, to keep her focused and prevent her from getting overwhelmed. “Before I even knew it I was down 12 pounds,” said Heather. “Holy cow! The changes felt so natural!”

When Heather lost both of her grandmothers this past April, she realized how fortunate they were to have spent so much time with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Heather decided that if she continued on the path she was on, she might not be as fortunate to have as much time with her family.

Noom helped create a real support system for Heather. She has especially enjoyed the group challenges and has learned so much about the behavior chains that were responsible for her physiological, psychological, or emotional decision-making. Heather has come to count on both her coach and her group of fellow course members to cheer her on and help motivate her when she has had a bad day.

“I am thankful every day that I joined a Noom course because it has changed my outlook on life. My mom is using the Noom application now and I’ve told a couple girls at work about my success with the program. Noom doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel — if you want to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you’re consuming. But with my coach, group challenges, and fun recipes, Noom’s course changed my behavior and made weight loss exciting!”

Congratulations Heather! We can’t wait to follow the rest of your amazing journey!

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