Noomer Success Story: Anna and Ben

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Last updated Mar 17, 2023

Anna met her boyfriend Ben in January 2014. She was instantly smitten. “I remember from the first date I couldn’t stop laughing,” she says. But a few months later, Ben was diagnosed with diabetes. “I didn’t know much about it,” she says, “but I knew it wasn’t great.” Ben decided it was finally time to lose weight. That’s when Ben and Anna decided to try Noom.

It was during the end of May 2014 that Ben and Anna really started to take their weight loss seriously. “It was a bit of adjustment at first,” she admits. “So much of our relationship had been based on eating out and never really thinking about what we were eating.” As they learned about the difference between red and green foods with Noom’s color system, they began to pay attention to the caloric values in everything. “What we started to put in our body suddenly became very important,” Anna remembers. “It was great because we could no longer fudge the numbers in our minds because the app would tell us exactly where we needed to be calorically and adjusted as we went along,” she says.

Another feature Anna found helpful was the weight graph. She believes it helped to hold her accountable. “The weight graph would have either a positive comment if I lost weight or a neutral or encouraging comment if I gained weight. We might have been nicer to each other if we slacked,” she says, “but the app reminded us of our goal.”

“The amazing thing,” she says, “was that we weren’t doing extensive exercise in the gym. The weight loss almost entirely came from tracking.” Ben has reached his goal of weighing less than 200 lbs., but still wants to hit 180. Anna has lost 40 lbs. “We both do truly want to be healthy,” Anna says.

Best of all? Ben has been back to the doctor since the majority of his weight loss and has been taken off of his diabetes medication. He has also been able to stop checking his sugars. “This hasn’t only helped us physically,” Anna says, “but it has brought us closer together.”