How Maddie lost 25 pounds

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Last updated Dec 21, 2022

Earlier this year, we started following Maddie (@__thegirlwho) on Instagram as she joined the Noomily and began her journey to better health. Over the last few months, we’ve watched her face her fears, overcome difficult setbacks, celebrate triumphs, push through plateaus, experience breakthroughs, and so much more. She was “the girl who pushed through excuses”, “the girl who is living on the learning curve”,”the girl who took a huge mental step in her journey”, “the girl who takes small steps on a long journey every day”, and “the girl who hit her goal weight.”

Watching her inspiring journey, she proved to be (in our words!) “the girl who could do ANYTHING!”

Last week we reached out to Maddie to learn more about her incredible journey. All we have to say, is that she is even more inspiring in real life.

What brought you to Noom?

I came to Noom from a Pinterest ad— the place I go to visualize and get ideas about my lifestyle choices! I was sitting in OKC (where I lived for three months), lonely, unhappy with my appearance, and ready for a change, so $1 felt like a risk I could take if I was going to change my life!

Have you ever tried to lose weight before joining Noom?

Oh my gosh yes, yes I have. I did every diet possible, from Keto to Macros to Weight Watchers. They were either too restrictive, or didn’t have enough motivation behind them.

The struggle I found was I wanted education and a community and motivation all in one— and I didn’t find that anywhere before Noom.

How did you enjoy working with a personal coach?

I loved working with a personal coach! I found that our chats always pushed me to keep re-evaluating my fitness journey and kept me accountable to goals I set each week. I was able to constantly reflect on my journey instead of being passive throughout it.

What was your experience with Noom’s daily, psychology-based articles and challenges?

The articles and challenges each day acted as my motivation— I got to learn something new each day, and then try and apply it to my life.

Was I a perfect sunflower when it came to every challenge? No.

But I knew each day, I’d open up Noom and have the opportunity to learn something that could improve my lfie— how lucky was I to know that?

What about your group?

I loved my group!

It felt good to encourage others to reach their goals, to see others reach their goals, and to have support when I was struggling or had just hit a big celebrating point.

It was a group of people who understood my life and what I was going through, even though we all lived such different ones. In addition, each person in the group had a perspective and tricks I didn’t have, which expanded my knowledge and perspective when it came to weight loss!

Can you tell us more about your journey?

As a person who needs to understand the WHY behind everything, I loved all the psychology behind the course. I felt like instead of just learning a trick, I understood why it could work.

I read research and tried things I would have never been willing to try without knowing the why. Noom had the why. Noom gave me my why.

What’s changed since starting Noom?

I’ve lost between 20-25 pounds, with more to go! The biggest non-physical transformation have been one, waking up early to work out voluntarily (college Maddie is laughing at me) and two, finding love for myself.

I’m able to be proud of myself when I accomplish something, but I’m also able to love myself when things do not go as planned. I’m able to see life as a journey, rather than just keep fighting for a destination to be “comfortable” at.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Since beginning the program, I’ve moved to a brand new place without any family or friends to lean on. I have been truly alone for the first time in my life. But, I’ve been able to be successful here, losing weight, because I’ve learned to believe in myself. Not that I don’t need the support or help of others, but that me, supporting me, means a ton as well.

I am so thankful to Noom for giving me myself back— it retaught me my unique qualities I love, and reminded me how special of a human I can be when I am not living of a fog of not being “good enough” for myself. I finally feel like I am worthy, not to the rest of the world- but to myself.

Your vulnerability, authenticity, and willingness to show up and put in the work is truly inspiring. Congrats on all that you’ve accomplished! We look forward to continuing this journey together as you continue to learn, grow, and find lasting health and happiness.

In Maddie’s words, $1 feels like a risk you can take if you’re going to change your life. If you’re to start writing your success story, start your trial today!