After trying it all, here’s how Elizabeth lost 36 pounds (and counting!)

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Last updated Dec 21, 2022

When it comes to dieting, Elizabeth had tried it all —  Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slimfast, the 6-week Body Makeover, and more! In May 2017, she decided she needed to break up with dieting and felt more ready than ever to make a lifestyle change. Looking for something that could help her learn how to do that so that she could lose the weight (and keep it off this time!), she stumbled upon Noom.

While Elizabeth couldn’t pick a favorite aspect of her course, she could not stop raving about her goal specialist, Coach Brianna.

She is EXACTLY what I need and want in a coach that I never knew I wanted or needed. Brianna is available pretty much all of the time-if she doesn’t see a message I send in 10 minutes, I know she will soon and she always gets back to me, always. She definitely goes above and beyond and is a huge part of my journey. I absolutely could not do this without her specifically checking in on me once a week. Plus, did I say I love her?

Then, the motivation, guidance, and challenges Elizabeth received from her group and group coach, Coach Araxie, went hand-in-hand with the daily articles that helped her demystify health myths, become more self-aware, and make healthier choices each day.

This is exactly what I am talking about — educate the person and they’ll succeed.

Elizabeth is also a big fan of Noom’s unique color system that provided her the guidance she needed to change her eating habits over time. She loved having daily green, yellow, and red food goals to help her make healthy food choices throughout the day. She also loves the feedback that she gets each time she logs a meal to reinforce her more nutritious choices and help her make healthier choices in the future — without any shame.

This is such a ‘simple’ thing, but it’s been so impactful for me.

Down 36 lbs. so far, Elizabeth is well on her way to achieving her weight loss goals. Beyond that, she has rediscovered her love of fruit and veggies, has so much more energy, and is off several medications, but these aren’t even the icing on the cake…

I think the most important take-away for me has been watching my 5-year old daughter request strawberries and red grapes in her lunchbox over chips! How awesome is it to lead by example?

When we asked Elizabeth how her life has changed since beginning the course, she questioned how her life has not changed since beginning the course.

I can physically do more, I can wear old clothes that I thought for sure were going to have to be donated, I am not out of breath going up a flight of stairs, I have a “Noomily” now, I have developed some very good-for-me habits, I have completely stopped drinking soda and no longer crave it, I am more clear-headed, and I am happier. Just plain happier. I enjoy looking in the mirror when I had gotten to a point that I would not do it for days at a time. I brushed my hair without a mirror, stopped wearing makeup, stopped caring what I looked like in general. That person is not me. I like makeup again; I spend time looking at myself and smiling and thinking ‘wow – look how far you’ve come!’ rather than hating what I saw and wondering when someone was going to ask me if I was pregnant.

Elizabeth couldn’t be happier that she made the choice to invest in herself and take control of her health 6 months ago.

Noom specifically asks you in the beginning as you are signing up-“Do you have about 10 minutes per day to devote to yourself?” It’s a choice you have to want to make. I made mine and I’m so much happier for it!

And she also encourages others to do the same.

I would like to add that there are a million different ways to lose weight.  I have tried many of them. I have failed at all except one. I recommend Noom to anyone who is really ready to just feel better about themselves and their life and try it. Noom is ridiculously easy and customizable, which is probably the best part. You choose how your journey will go with Noom based on your personality. Ultimately not every plan works for every person. Noom has, and continues, to work for me.

Congratulations on all of your success, Elizabeth! We are so excited to continue to follow your journey to lasting health and happiness.