How Andrea lost 32 pounds in 5 months

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Last updated Dec 21, 2022

Six months ago Andrea’s insurance company offered her the opportunity to join Noom’s Diabetes Prevention Program. She had tried several different weight loss programs in the past, but each time she lost a few pounds, she regained much more. Convinced that this time around wouldn’t be any different, she joined the program with the incentive to get a free FitBit from her insurance company, but she soon realized she would gain a lot more from the experience.

About 2 weeks into my half-hearted participation, my coach Julie made a suggestion that I change something very small in my diet. I figured it couldn’t hurt, so I tried it. I dropped weight so easily with that one little change that I decided I would actually put some effort into the program.

From then on, Coach Julie played a critical role in her success and always met her where she was.

She checks in periodically, but is not overbearing. She is there to answer questions and offer advice, but I don’t feel like she is critiquing me. She challenges me when I need it, she has motivational stuff to share, and she does it at my pace.

What worked for Andrea was that her program was not one-size-fits all. She knew what she needed to do, but in the past, was always missing the why and the how. The personalized, interactive content she received helped her understand these key pieces to overcome her obstacles and develop lifelong habits.

I love the targeted daily challenges and articles. When I’m struggling with making good food choices, an article will pop up that gives me things to try. The process was explained to me in manageable parts: first we are going to work on changing food habits and WHY it’s important, next we will add in exercise and why that is important, etc. I like that it delves into the WHY and also the emotional part of all this.

Five months into the program, Andrea doesn’t feel like she’s “dieting” or slaving away in the gym to be healthy. Noom’s small steps approach helped her get into a healthy routine she could stick to and never want to go back.

The changes were small, incremental and on my schedule. I made small changes that resulted in me feeling good, that inspired me to keep making those changes until I got to a point where I decided I never want to feel tired/depressed/fat/unhappy ever again so it’s worth it to keep up the healthy habits.

For a long time, Andrea convinced herself that she was fine, that the extra weight didn’t impact her growing list of ailments or her depression. After dropping 32lbs and experiencing too many benefits to name, she knew this wasn’t the case.

While losing weight was a good motivation to continue, what kept Andrea going was how much better she felt — physically and emotionally. Her transformation has allowed her to discover new hobbies, wean off of several medications for her autoimmune disease, and inspire others with her healthy habits. She has gained true health and happiness.

I eat to live, not live to eat. I am happy, I feel great, and I have quality of life now that I didn’t have before. I really feel like a whole new person because of this journey. I’ve inspired many people to take better care of themselves because I can’t stop talking about how Noom has changed my life!

Congratulations on your incredible transformation, Andrea! We look forward to following your healthy, happy future.

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