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Noom Weight

Using the latest in psychology and behavioral science to empower people with the knowledge and skills they need to lose weight. We help people better understand their relationship with food and how to be more mindful of their habits so they can make changes that last.

Noom Mood

Highly structured program that provides the insight, education and skill development to help individuals understand the “why” behind their stress – so they know how to manage it today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

    Noom Weight + Mood

    Dual access to both programs, all from the same app. Employees can easily switch between Weight and Mood experiences without losing their progress or continuity of their coach.


      Subscription lasts 1 year from purchase


      Subscription lasts 1 year from purchase


      Subscription lasts 1 year from purchase

      Noom delivers results.


      Users who engaged for 4 weeks or more lost 5%+ of their body weight

      Average weight loss for users who engaged for 4 weeks or more


      Average body weight reduction for users who engaged for 4 weeks or more


      Decrease in anxious feelings after 4 weeks


      Decrease in depressive symptoms after 4 weeks


      Decrease in stress after 4 weeks

      Long-term results. Happy employees.


      “I know Noom is working for me because I’ve developed healthier habits, can wear clothes I haven’t in years, keep up with my two grandkids, complete physical activities without tiring or becoming winded, receive regular compliments from family and friends, and have discontinued prescription medications. Noom is the best tool in my toolbox for becoming and staying the healthiest version I can be of myself.”


      “The lessons on downward negative thought spirals change my life. When I learned how to reframe my thoughts and change my perspective, everything for me changed. Noom helped me see that I could approach the stressful or anxiety-provoking situations I encountered from a place of curiosity and calm rather than from a place of judgement and negativity. We are our thoughts.”


      “Since I use my phone everyday, why not use it as a tool to help my emotional well being.  My Noom coach ha shelped me accept daily struggles as just that and not let it define me. They remind me to stay present, and practice the small things that really help. Most importantly, they’re three for when I just need to type out my feelings.”


      “Our stamina, endurance and overall health has drastically improved and for the first time we can both say that we actually feel 100% comfortable with who we are! Noom is more than a weight loss app, much more, it is a life coach, a confidant, an encourager of good habits, and a bringer of the lifestyle that we always dreamed of but never thought possible.”

      How Noom works.

      We’re digital, but human. Mobile technology your employees can take anywhere, combined with the power of human empathy – real-life personal coaches and support groups to encourage you and keep you accountable.

      We’re psychology-based.

      Our bite-sized lessons use science and psychology to help people manage stress, lose weight, and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

      We have all the tools your employees need.

      Mood tracking, weight logging, food and water tracking, step-counting – our tools are designed to help you hit your goals at your own speed.

      We provide plenty of support, on your terms.

      Actual human coaches are there for you as much, or as little, as you want – and there’s a community of fellow Noom users to lean on. You choose the kind of support you want and need.

      We help navigate mental wellness support.

      Noom Mood delivers a highly structured program that provides the insight, education, and skill development to help employees understand the “why” behind their stress – so they know how to manage it today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

      Clinically validated.

      A large mobile weight loss study with over 30,000 participants, in which more than 70% lost weight.

      The first mobile diabetes program fully recognized by the CDC to be proven effective in a peer-reviewed journal.

      Clinically meaningful improvements in stress (PSS-4), anxiety (GAD-7) and depressive symptoms (PHQ-8) after 4 weeks.

      Frequently asked questions.

      How is a Small Group Subscription different from a regular Noom subscription?

      Noom for Small Groups offers the ability to purchase Noom for groups of 5 to 50 at a discount. This is the same in-app experience as an individually purchased subscription to Noom. You are purchasing a 12-month subscriptions to Noom’s program.

      How does Dual Access work?

      When you purchase Dual Access, your team will have access to both Noom Weight and Noom Mood. Your team will be able to select the program that best meets their current needs when they sign up, and would be able to easily switch programs at any time during your subscription.

      Please note that you can only be enrolled in one program at a time. Switching happens smoothly within the Noom app, and all user data is saved and remains available after switching between Weight and Mood.

      What happens after I check out?

      Our team will reach out within one business day and share unique access links for the number of subscriptions you purchased, along with instructions for how to distribute them and onboard your team.

      Can I buy a subscription for more than 50 people?

      Noom for Business is for organizations with over 50 covered lives. If you are interested in purchasing Noom for more than 50 people, we offer Enterprise pricing, supported by a customer success team, monthly reporting and marketing support. To speak with a Noom Account rep about our Enterprise solution, simply provide a few details about your needs here and we’ll quickly follow up!

      How is a Small Groups plan billed?

      The payment method is provided at checkout and will be billed as one up-front payment for 1-year at time of purchase; we do not offer billing by usage for Small Groups.

      We encourage you to survey your organization to determine the optimum number of lives you want to cover for your team. We do NOT execute automatic renewals.

      What payment forms do you accept?

      We accept most major credit and debit cards through our website, though cannot offer invoicing or payment by check for a Small Groups plan.

      When does the subscription begin?

      You will receive an email (one business day after purchase) that contains unique access codes that you will need to distribute to employees with a link.

      Your employees will access the sign-up link with the unique access code you provide to them; each subscription is considered ‘activated’ after the employee signs-up.

      The 1-year subscription begins when your employee redeems their unique access code and creates their Noom account.

      Can I add additional team members later in the year?

      Absolutely! You are able to add additional covered lives to your team through the same purchase link above. Please note that you will not be able to decrease the number of covered lives once the purchase is complete.

      Can I transfer access from one employee to another?

      At this time, subscriptions are activated once an employee signs-up for access. We cannot transfer access between employees after the subscription has been activated. If an employee chooses not to activate after you share access (before they activate), you can send the employee’s unique code over to another employee who is interested.

      More questions? Reach out to! We’ll respond in 1-2 business days.

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