Revolutionizing Wellness: The Mental Health Impact of GLP-1s and Weight Loss

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While a growing number of organizations recognize the critical need to address the rising prevalence of both stress and weight-related diseases among their populations, most programs still separate the treatment of mental and physical health. However, a recent study conducted by Noom highlights the advantages of a more integrated approach—one that can also advance mental wellness support for those taking GLP-1s.

Consider this: Each day, an estimated one million working Americans miss work due to stress-related issues, imposing substantial costs on businesses. This has far-reaching implications, as chronic stress can also heighten the risk of obesity and other chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Watch Noom’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Adonis Saremi, Clinical Solutions Consultant, Jennifer Jones, and Head of Healthcare Marketing, Kyle Smith, as they dive into the mental health impact of GLP-1s and weight loss, including:

  • The effects that GLP-1s and other weight loss medications can have on mental wellness
  • Valuable insights about the health and cost advantages of integrated employee wellness programs, including those for individuals taking GLP-1s
  • Insights from a recent study suggesting that solutions like Noom for Work and Noom for Health Systems can help people not only lose weight, but also cultivate behaviors that lead to healthier outcomes across multiple aspects of their lives

*Zippia, “40+ Worrisome Workplace Stress Statistics [2023]: Facts, Causes, and Trends,”, Feb. 11, 2023,


Dr. Adonis Saremi

Chief Medical Officer


Jennifer Jones

Clinical Solutions Consultant


Kyle Smith

Head of Healthcare Marketing


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