How Karla Used Noom to Improve Her Lifestyle

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Meet Karla: As Karla approached her 50th birthday in February 2023, she was overweight and trying to manage high blood pressure with medications. After her doctor prescribed a GLP-1, Karla chose Noom to improve her lifestyle. Karla was offered Noom as part of her benefit package through her employer. Fast forward one year, and Karla says she's a new person, thanks to this one small benefit offering. “This is such an important benefit… I’ve reached out to my HR team multiple times to say thank you for offering Noom. I’m more present today. I always have my camera on. I feel more confident. I’m more engaged with my clients.” Hear more about Karla’s journey, and why she credits her employer - and Noom - for helping to improve her life.
By Noom Team

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