Changing behaviors, changing lives.

Noom's platform delivers structured programs to address the underlying behaviors that cause the most pressing pre-chronic & chronic conditions. By combining human coaching with sophisticated analytics we can drive change across populations for our enterprise customers.

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Obesity-related diseases are an epidemic. They’re making medical costs 2x higher.

The most common, costly, and preventable of all health conditions are caused by obesity and lifestyle-driven behaviors.

Why should employers and health plans care? Because it's costing them a fortune.

6 out of 10

individuals are already overweight or obese

4 in 10

already have at least one chronic condition



more per person annually



more per person for diabetes alone

Scalable, Data-Driven Coaching

Noom's platform gives at risk and diagnosed individuals a structured behavior-change program to follow, an app to easily monitor their progress, and the support of analytics-enhanced coaches to help them stay on track. Our predictive models uncover patterns, and prioritize outreach to higher need participants -- making interventions timely and impactful. It’s risk reversal and chronic disease management at scale.

“Always On” Mobile Interface

The key to staying on track is staying connected. That’s why Noom delivers personalized, disease-specific plans and automated motivational messages in real time.

Real Support From Real People

Our human lifestyle coaches provide advice and encouragement throughout the day, giving users a unique, personal support system. Under the direction of their coach, users are also armed with a virtual group of like-minded peers giving them emotional support along the way.

Connected, Informed Coaches

Noom’s advanced analytics system powers our coach dashboard, so coaches can connect with just the right messages at just the right time.

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Different Plans For Different Conditions

Noom's customizable system helps you deliver programs for at risk individuals and those with chronic conditions - from weight loss to diabetes and hypertension - all in one platform.

Each program combines structured plans to help establish and master healthy habits, with the support of human coaches to provide advice and encouragement.

  • Healthy Weight Program
  • Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Hypertension Prevention Program
  • Diabetes Management Program
  • Hypertension Management Program
  • Diabetes & Hypertension Management Program

50% of participants lose
at least 7% of their weight

Noom delivers meaningful weight loss for risk reduction of chronic conditions

“EmblemHealth’s team tested and incorporated components of the app into the daily activities of our prediabetic participants. We found that participants enjoyed receiving timely positive reinforcement from their coach and peers. This additional feedback increased their engagement and accountability and allowed for more immediate behavior changes.”

Dr. Joseph Zeitlin, Emblem Health

Chief Medical Officer

Partnering for success

Noom works with a cross-section of large employers, payers and other channel partners to empower their members and improve outcomes.

Self-insured employers

Keep your workforce healthier and more productive at a lower cost with cutting edge technology

Health Plans

Go beyond telephonic coaching using next generation technology


Help your clients to optimize engagement, improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs

Noom is committed to using empirically validated research to
guide the direction of our mobile applications. Through our internal
experimentation and IRB-approved research protocols we are leading
the field in behavioral weight loss technology.

Dr. Andreas Michaelides, PhD, Clinical Psychology

Noom's Chief of Psychology

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